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Plant this! This-Is-Not-Weed Gift Box

Plant this! This-Is-Not-Weed Gift Box

This is not weed, it's Basil Plant and it will not get you high. Even though it's just basil, it still comes with some kind of happiness in this herb plant. So we say the effect is pretty much the same. 

It's a gift box that comes with some seeds that you can plant and watch grow. Perfect as a gift that comes with a fun twist, and a good way to reach out to the positive, green side of that someone’s life.

Before planting them, remove the seeds from the capsule.

How to plant Basil
1. Place seeds in seedling tray. 
2. Water the seeds.
3. Remove once seeds germinate.
4. Move to a new pot
5. Make sure it gets sufficient sun and water.

7-15 Days (Germination)
+80 Days (Maturity)

20°c to 25°c (Germination)
20°c to 36°c (Growing) 

Planting Distance: 15cm x 20cm 
Sunlight: full, direct sunlight

To be watered frequently but not overwatered.
Sing to it, and hope it doesn’t die.

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