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A Crappy Gift Box

A Crappy Gift Box

Here's a Crappy Gift Box for you!

Get it for yourself or that someone you know who is having a crappy day. This Crappy Gift Box will withstand any crap that comes your way.

Personalised your box: This gift allows you to write the name of the person you are giving it to at the front of the box.

Inside this Crappy Gift Box, you will find:
💩 1 x Hatch-Me Tamagotchi
Note: either Pastel or translucent colour Tamagotchi will be randomly selected
💩 1 x Stress Relief Brain (with popping eyes for every squeeze)
💩 1 x F**k This Crap Middle Finger
💩 1 x Fritzy Catapult
(the eyes are not perfect but it will do the job of catapulting your crap away)
💩 1 x 1% Low Batt Embroidery Patch

Suitable for: Anyone having a crappy day.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the crappiness that goes inside this box.

Click on the images for the items inside.

Limited sets available.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Muhammad Hafiz

Loving the crappy gift

Yai Soon
Well Protected Packaging

Two Sleepy Heads took the extra steps to ensure that product was well protected, and items was as promised. Good quality. 👍🏼

Yai Soon
Well Packaged Gift

Gift came in with promised quality assurance. Well and carefully packaged. Items inside are as promised. Good gift for friends and family! 😄

A gift that isn’t crappy at all.

My partner loves it. As she’s a counselor, she appreciates the surprise gift. Lovely indeed. Thank you Two Sleepy Heads!! Looking forward for a different gift box 😉

Love this crap!

Just received this Crap Gift Box. As I initially bought this for the fun of it, this really kick some crap out of my crappy day when I opened the box HAHA Love the experience! Thank you for having such a creative gift. Am planning to get another one as a gift!