Top 5 MUST-HAVES for new homeowners that are below $30

The renovations must have cost you a bomb, we know how pockets are burnt deep after getting a new home and getting your reno done up nicely. So what’s next? Shopping for decors that further help to create a more homely and are aesthetically pleasing that you can impress your guests with. 

With that in mind, we have curated a list of items that will help with your budget and not compromising on aesthetics at the same time!

1. Geometric Hanging Magazine Rack

We know how annoying the bills, newspapers and magazines are when they are placed lying around. This magazine rack is not only great at storing, organising and filtering out the mess, it helps to create a minimalist look and feel. 

Price: $29.90

2. Wooden Pan Plate/Serving Tray

What we really like of these trays are that they come in the irregular oval shape. If you are like us, not a fan of all-things symmetrical, then you can really consider having these at your dining area. They are perfect for serving your guests with food, tea cups, coffee cups, snacks, and anything that makes it neat and presentable, making it an attractive home decor piece.

Price: $19.90

3. Wire Flower Vase

Plants always have the ability to make any room look more comfortable and help add liveliness to your space. If you are going with a minimalist theme for your home, this 2D-looking flower vase will complement your home very nicely. 

Price: $19.90

4. Rose Gold Metal Storage Basket

Out of sight, out of mind, and that is how you contain messiness.

Whether it's for decor or for practical storage use, these modern Rose Gold storage baskets will give you the best of both worlds. The simplicity and its color complement each other very well, and they will definitely add some sparkle to your desk.

Price: $20

5. Wooden Tissue Box that’s not from Muji

There are two types of people – the ones who leave the original tissue box as it is, and the ones who prefer to box them up. If you are the latter, you will like this wooden Muji-looking tissue box.

Price: $18.90

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