Top 5 MUST-HAVE bags that are timeless


One can never have too many bags, simply because they are a great accessory to show that you understand fashion. Like they say, “If you have a great bag, you’re already all put together”.
So we have curated and put together the top 5 bags that made it to our list of statement pieces for style.


#5. Clear Tote Bag

Read this! The clear bag trend has officially taken over street style and it's trending in this season’s travel must-have. If you want a bag that puts you at the forefront of trends, then do not be daunted by the fact that everyone is able to see what you are carrying.
On the other note, how often do you compartmentalize your things inside your bag? Let’s be real here, most of the time things often go missing the minute they enter your tote bag, like a black hole. But with this clear tote bag, you are able to go in and grab whatever you are looking for. Just be sure not to let your credit cards and valuables float around in there.
Price: $39.90
Get it here.


#4. Silica Gel Fanny Pack Bag


This XXLL Silica Gel Pack bag definitely made us do a double-take when we first saw it. We love that it adds the fun vibes on us when we artfully strapped it on. The best part is the strap is adjustable, which means you can also carry it on your waist like a fanny pack!

Price: $35 

Get it here.

#3. Summer Seaside Netting Bag

 This netted bag adds on to the laidback vibe, and allows you to subtly show off what you are carrying around. Whether you are going on a summer vacay or a beach, you can trust that this bag comes in handy. Plus, if you are hitting the beach, you do not have to worry about bringing sand home after too. 

Price: $29.90

 Get it here.

#2. Bohemian Summer Rattan Handbag 

Do not belittle the shape of this bag. Its circular shape might look compact, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. Easy to carry, this chic-looking bag can hold your essentials – wallet, cosmetics, phone, essentials and other daily necessities.

Price: $49.90

Get it here.


#1. Multifunctional Luxury Leather Handbag

 This has made it up to our #1 list, and we think you will love this too.

Not only does this handbag focus on the design, it takes into serious consideration of packing your essentials NEATLY inside too. 

On the outside, this leather handbag is nice and simple, giving off a luxury and elegant style. On the inside, it comes with various compartments, helping you to organise everything that you have in your bag. We say, this stylish and luxury-looking handbag is a dream bag for all the ladies out there.

Price: $109.90

 Get it here.

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