Retro classics throwback for the 80s and 90s Millennials

If you actually know what a Nokia 3310 looks like or have attempted to save one of your files on a floppy disk, then welcome to the 80s and 90s club of nostalgia, where we are going to do a throwback to relieve the former glory days.

1. Discman
Remember how this device skipped constantly at every bump when you are on the road? Even so, we loved them nonetheless. Plus, there’s nothing more fun than ‘burning’ your favourite tracks into one single CD and playing it on a Discman.

2. Tamagotchi
All the times we had to constantly keep our virtual pocket pet alive, and the multiple “oh shits” when we accidentally killed them, were probably the closest to a real life babysitting experience we had. It was probably the only time we enjoyed cleaning up poops.

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Tamagotchi Virtual Pet

3. Polly Pocket
There’s definitely something about toys in pocket sizes, and Polly Pockets are probably one of our favourite toys of yesteryear. They are like miniature dollhouses in compact carrying cases that contained tiny little worlds like castles, beaches and parks.

Polly Pocket

4. Nintendo Game Boy
“Mom, I want a Game Boy!” Does that sound familiar to you? This was luxury gaming at its finest. if you were once in that situation, then you would have owned stacks of game cartridges for your Game Boy, from the classics of Super Mario Land, Tetris, Space Invaders to Pokemon.
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 5. Yo-Yo
Whether you belong to one of those cool kids who could Walk the dog, Shoot the moon, or Rock the cradle with a Yo-Yo, or just someone who throws a Yo-Yo up and down, you will know this was a huge spin in the 90s.

6. Brick Game
Remember the game Tetris or Snakes in dot-matrix bricks? This was a hit hand-held gaming console of the late 80s to 90s that tested our intellects. We probably have had our hands on it even if we did not own one.

7. The Magical Multi-Purpose Pencil Case
Pencil cases wouldn’t made it to our list of 80s and 90s classics, but this was one of the coolest things we might have owned when we were in school. Like a magician with his tricks, it was pretty fun to play with, especially when it comes with multiple compartments that included the built-in sharpener and the pull-out ruler.

8. Slap Wraps
In a literal way of describing, it’s a thin straight piece of metal covered in striking designs on the exterior, that contracted on your wrist when you slap it on. It went on to become a serious fashion statement and not just an extended version of a toy. Fad or fab? Well, we can’t really decide. 

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