Rebrand: A new look with an even better gifting experience!

After almost one year of planning, with lotsa sweat behind it, we are so excited to finally be able to reveal our new look to you! 

We are here to provide you a novel gifting experience for your friends, loved ones and anyone else in between. Our gifts are great for any occasion – whether you are shopping for birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, anniversary gifts, breakup gifts, or just a random-day gift for you or your bestie, we have something for that every day. 

So what’s new this time? Well, you know us, having fun is our priority so we are going to double the fun dosage. We are bringing gifts that come along with the experience, so in a way, you are no longer just giving gifts but creating a lasting memory from the gifts instead. It’s the thought that counts, and we will make it count for you. 

It’s kinda fun in here… 

two.sleepyheadsmarket rebrand

All our gifts are either curated or designed by us, this way we can ensure no boring things are added to our shop. Yes, we hate boring things, and we can be very picky when it comes to gifts.

We had a chance to work with Singa Printing to get our custom vinyl-based sticker design printed out for our packagings, just in time for our launch. We love that they are one of the more affordable sticker printers online who does custom stickers that can be tailored to what we need. Because of its affordability we weren’t really expecting too much on the quality, but to our surprise, it actually turned out to be more than decent – the colours and the glossy finish were on point. 

Be sure to keep a lookout for this sticker that we have designed for each gift box. 

It may not be gifts that are over the top, but it sure will be an experience above your thoughts, so stick around, and enjoy the ride with us. Who says gifts are overrated or boring? We will prove you wrong. 

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