NEW DROP: Happiness comes in boxes too

NEW DROP: Happiness comes in boxes too

It's not what it looks like. It's what it does – keeps you happy in doses.

If you have been following us for a while now, you probably would have seen the multiple posts appearing in your feed on this gift box that’s labelled ‘It’s what’s inside that matters’. We are excited to say we just launched this 11.11 promo gift box special, and it's now available for purchase at our e-store at only $11.11 (worth $31.90)! 

This LIMITED EDITION novelty gift box is filled with 5 doses of happy gifts that will be sure to put a smile on the face of whoever is receiving this from you. 

This curated gift box only comes with happy things inside. We promise.

It's What's Inside That Matters Gift Box

1. Hatch-Me Tamagotchi (worth $15.90)

Tilt your way to happiness. This little virtual pet is more than a toy. It’s the ultimate keepsake and a great conversation starter, and that is why it made it to this box. Life may be better with a pet, but life is also better with your very own virtual pet. 

PS: The colour of the Tamagotchi will be packed in random.

2. A pair of happy embroidery patch (worth $6)

If you find these embroidery patches, it means the angels are watching over you. It’s a little happiness that comes with us.These patches are specially curated by us, they are so cute and would add so much fun to any apparels. You could even use them to decorate your clothes!

PS: These patches will be picked at random and packed in pairs.

3. Childhood Candy Pin (worth $8)

Look what we found. Come and see the pin you can never get enough of. These childhood gummies, a nostalgic treat, which you can now pin up on your bag. These pins are a playful tribute to the sweet, childhood treats you can’t get enough of, and they make a great gift for any gummy lovers to brighten up their day.

PS: Colour and variation will be selected at random, but rest assure, they are all pretty cute.

4. Write a letter to yourself sticker (worth $2)

In collaboration with Simple Things, we have gotten them to draw a fun sticker design to accompany the fun gifts inside. Stick it on your fridge, journal, or anywhere, to give daily affirmation and reminder of the good things around. You can take your creative side with you wherever you go. Here’s to magic, and a little dose of happiness to tag along inside this novelty gift box.

About the brand, Simple Things:
A local brand based in Singapore. They are a simple brand filled with life’s simple stories. They are also a strong advocate and believer in the importance of mental health. Every story told and designed through their products and page expresses the importance of emotions and feelings that should be shared. Art can change the way you feel and can help keep you mentally healthy.

It’s-what’s-inside-that-matters gift box. You can’t put a price on happiness, but we just did. This gift box is only available in limited quantities, be sure to get your hands on it. While stocks last!

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