Home tips to store your barangs

Do you always find yourself placing your things everywhere only to find nothing when you really need them?

Here are some home tips to store your barangs barangs!

Tips to store your barangs

1. Half-Painted Foldable Seagrass Basket

Keep your potted plants neatly well presented in these really pretty half-painted seagrass basket, and let it be a conversation starter with your guests.

These baskets are versatile. Doubling up as a laundry basket, it can help to tidy up clothes that are lying around.

This is how you get the best of both worlds when it comes to storing smart. Get your own basket here

Half-painted seagrass basket

For a bohemian style/theme, these baskets also come with the option of adding tassels. Even if you do not have a specific style, who doesn't like tassels?

Get your own tassel basket here

Hand-woven seagrass storage basket with tassels

2. Nordic Rose Gold Metal Storage Basket

Does it spark joy? Nah. Well, you can now toss your boring stationeries in these baskets instead of trashing them. Who knows when you might need to sign the biggest deal of your life with that 'unwanted' pen?

Stationeries covered? How about placing your beauty products or even fruits (we are serious) in these baskets to help neaten up your desk as well?

Metal storage is available here 

Rose Gold Metal Storage Basket

3. Geometric Metal Hanging Magazine Rack

Hang up your daily read on the wall, AESTHETICALLY. That's the most important thing when it comes to getting your display right, isn't it?. These metal geometric racks can help spruce up your walls instantly.

Check out the geometric hanging racks here
Geometric Metal Hanging Magazine Rack

4. Scandinavian Triangle-Shape Bookshelf/Rack

Don't be such a square. It's time to replace old book racks with these artsy geometric ones. These triangle-shape racks are sure to make you say goodbye to conventional ones.

Geometric rack is available 

5. Scandinavian Wooden Tissue Box

Say no to ugly tissue boxes, and hide them in these wooden boxes. It not only allows you to store and display your tissue box, it comes with multiple compartments too to slot your remote controls and even phones. What can we say, it's all about form and function working together.

Wooden tissue box for home decor
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