Decors For Your Nursery That You'll Want to Steal

A newborn is on the way, and you can’t wait to doll up your nursery. It’s constantly keeping you on the lookout for interesting decor to decorate the room with. We know your excitement, and so we have put together a list of curated nursery decor ideas for you and your baby. Get ready for your checklist!

1. Wall art murals and wallpaper
When’s a better time to stir children’s imaginations and hone their creativity than when they are still young. Children-themed wall murals and wallpapers are a great way to add vibrant colours and energy to the room, so you might want to consider transforming your nursery into a playful environment beyond their wildest dreams.

2. Fix up a little library corner
Did you know that reading aloud is important for your baby’s brain? Hearing words can help build a rich network of words in your baby’s brain. So why not make bedtime stories a little more fun when you have a cute little library corner for your children. Add a floating shelf and have all their favourite bedtime books displayed on it.

3. Preserve precious memories through 3D Cast Displays
They make for perfect mementos! You know you can’t freeze time and stop your child from growing up too fast the moment they enter into this world. But, you can now preserve those memories using clay, and put it on display and frame it up.

4. Wooden Rainbow Blocks Decoration
We all know rainbows don’t go out of trend, and they are perfect if you want to add some colours to your nursery. You will definitely be updating your Instagram with your baby inside this nursery, and you know what, these rainbow blocks make for great photo props. 
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5. Woodland Tree Block Decoration
With the rainbow blocks, why not add some companions to it. The woodland tree blocks are great add-ons to your nursery shelves. These trio sets are perfect to match with your nursery décor.
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6. Handwoven Rainbow Weave Hanging Decor
Rainbow decors are a perfect way to add colors to your nursery room, especially this handwoven weave, we love that it helps to create this effect of an instant ray of happiness when it’s up on our walls. Something simple and not too cluttering.
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