Cool Tea Infusers that are totally creative and make tea time extremely fun!

Tea infusers! They come in extremely handy dandy especially when you have a pack of tea leaves (that are not in tea bags) that needs to be brewed. Okay fine, you will only purchase your pack of tea if they come in tea bags. But that said, did you know that avoiding the use of tea bags can help to reduce waste? Ah-ha! Tea infusers will be a good alternative to your tea bags. Don’t worry, these unique and creative tea infusers will make your tea time extremely fun.

1. Little Man Tea Infuser

Let this little man keep you company during tea time. To wake him up, all you have to do is load up his pants, and perch him in your cup as he starts soaking himself. 

2. Drowning Robot Tea Infuser

Be sure to save this drowning robot when you enjoy your cuppa hot tea the next round.

3. Hands Up Tea Infuser

The next time when you ask a question and you get worked up because no one is answering you, let this smarty hand answer it for you.

4. Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser

Oh hi, Nessie! You can now bring myths to life when you soak this Loch Ness monster infuser into your tea, as you watch it move around. Be sure to keep a close eye on it

5. Christmas Gloves Tea Infuser

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. This pair of really cute gloves will set the mood for the Christmas. If you are waiting for Santa, why not brew yourself a cup of tea and hang in there. 


Let us know which tea infuser do you like most?


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