8 MUST-HAVE items this CNY to get all the huat you need

‘Huat’ are you flaunting this Lunar New Year? With all the visitings and mahjong session coming up, it is always good to prepare yourself, and why not, impress your relatives or guests at the same time? Our team has specially put together 8 items that will get you through the CNY weekend.
1. Animal Quilt
Yes we know how much attention your lucky one is going to get during house visits. Why not add on 10 more points to the overall cuteness level with this Foxy Quilt companion?
2. The 4D Ticket Ear Stud

We all need our lucky charm, and this 4D Ticket stud might just do the job to huat whatever game you are playing this CNY. Mahjong, Chinese poker, In-between, Cho Dai Di (or Big-2), are you ready to bring ‘em on?
3. The Happiness Sweep Ear Stud

Why not pair your lucky stud with this Happiness Big Sweep to double up your chances of winning!
4. The Bamboo 8 Ear Stud

If you are going to be the queen of your Mahjong game, why not put on a lucky Bamboo 8 to complete the look. Who knows, you might just be on your way to a winning streak!
5. Mahjong Tile Clutch

Want to make sure lady luck is on your side? We chose the perfect purse to safekeep your money and keep them rolling during the game.
6. Chinese Takeout Box Bag

Well, it’s the Lunar New Year, no one will fault you for dressing over the top with this Chinese Takeout Box bag. It will make for the perfect companion for your OOTD shot.
7. Penelope Clutch Bag

If classy is your thing, swop from the traditional looking style to this Penelope Clutch bag to collect all your ang baos (red packets).
8. Hands Up Tea Infuser

Hands up, if you want to impress your guests. This quirky tea infuser will make for a very good conversation starter too when everyone's gathering around the table.
Till then ~ Huat ah!
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