8 iPhone cases to match your personality type

8 iPhone cases to match your personality type

Is it absurd to think that the type of phone cases we choose somehow determine our personality type? Well… maybe? So we decided to put this to a test with eight distinct personality types, matching them with eight different phone case designs.
Embrace who you are, embrace your personality and make it fun. Are you ready?

Extrovert Personaity_Doodle Faces iPhone CaseFor the big E who gets energised by the presence of people – Extroverts.
If you belong to that group, we match you with our ‘Doodle FacesiPhone Case. Embrace the faces, solve problems with discussions.

Sensors Personaity_Art Gallery iPhone case

Sensors are realist. 

Are you such? If you love living in the here and now, the ‘Art GalleryiPhone case is probably the one for you. As practical as it says ”Famous for being Famous”

Thinkers Personaity_Yes or No iPhone Case

With their sharp intellect, Thinkers make decisions based on logic. 

If logic is what you are always seeking for, you will always lean towards weighing the pros and cons before making any decision to help you derive the most logical answer. Yes or No cases will suit you perfectly. Hopefully it will help you solve the problem at hand.

Judgers Personaity_Stick to the plan iPhone Case

Judgers are the serious people who value order and organisation. “Stick to the plan”  they say. Fix Monday and live through Monday.

If this shouts YOU, then this case will be for you.

Introverts Personaity_Life of a bear iPhone Case

Introverts – we all know they are the quiet bears. They are the opposite of extroverts and they thrive by being alone. ‘Life of a beariphone case best matches their love of working alone.

Intuitive Personaity_Van Gogh Painting iPhone Case

are those who love to focus on the big picture  and change the world rather than live in it. If you are one who tends to place your head where your heart is, you will very likely be paying attention to your instincts and draw meaning from it. This is for you. The ‘Van Gogh PaintingiPhone case will best match your personality type. Quote Van Gogh “I dream my paintings and I paint my dream”.

Feelers Personaity_Die together iPhone Case

Feelers feel it all. Do you? 

If you are the big sensitive bug who listens closely to your heart, then the ‘Die Togetheriphone case will suit your personality the best. This case seeks to please others and want to be appreciated. Empathy is what they are.

Perceivers Personaity_we can go anywhere iPhone Case

Adaptable and flexible are what make the Perceivers. 

If you love spontaneous plans, and have the tendency to place as you work, this ‘We can go anywh3r3iphone case will definitely match your carefree personality the best.  

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