Circuit Breaker Alert: 8 Fun activities to kill boredom

Circuit Breaker Alert: 8 Fun activities to kill boredom

Welcome to circuit breaker life! With all the time that you have now, instead of constantly worrying about the COVID-19 spread, something that you do not have control over, how about occupying your time with some fun to take your mind off all the anxieties and worries.

Exercise at home

#1 Exercise at home
We know it can be difficult especially when your regular go-to gyms, stadiums, pools are all closed, the places we used to go to do our daily workouts are now being confined to our own home. Let’s hope to God they do not close up the parks too! But looking at the news go by every day, we do not know how long our parks will stay open. If you are still relying on public places to do your workouts, it’s high time you start trying it out at home to get used to the new norm.
No equipment? Fret not, you can always try out minimal-equipment exercises like Pilates or Yoga. If you want to try something more vigorous, you can also check out Zumba dance sessions online.

 Adopt a virtual Pet Tamagotchi Toy

#2 Adopt a virtual Pet
It’s always nice to have company, but with all the social distancing in place and being confined to only your home, it can be a little depressing at times for us social beings. How about adopting a virtual pet to keep you company this period, and have some fun feeding and grooming it.
Even though Tamagotchis are a thing in the past for the 90s kids like us, these virtual pets have made a comeback recently.
These Tamagotchis are available in 7 colours for you to pick from, now at only $12.90.


Netflix and chill

#3 Netflix and chill
This is the perfect time to stay in bed and Netflix your day away without anyone judging you for it. Binge watching on Money Heist or Tiger King can easily keep your day occupied. Use this time to also catch up on all the past TV series, K dramas, and movies that you missed previously, cause you probably will not find time to do this after Circuit Breaker is lifted.

Game Boy Retro Game Console

#4 Create a mini arcade space in your room
A little game time set aside is always good as it help to recalibrate your brain. Whether you are working from home (WFH), or doing Home Based Learning (HBL), it’s always good to take breaks in between too.

This Retro Pocket Mini Game Console will bring back all the fun times you had with your Game Boy. This affordable Game Boy-like handheld console will keep your time occupied with more than 168 built-in classic games. What’s even better is you can even hook it up to your TV output to experience the full game on a big screen.

#5 Paris!

Hang on, what we actually meant is a virtual museum tour around Louvre  in Paris. With this virtual tour set up, you can now visit the museum’s exhibition rooms and galleries, and check out the amazing facades of the Louvre, all this for free! Parents, you can also keep your child occupied with this.
Try out recipes


#6 Try out recipes

If you do not know where to start from, you can always start with making Dalgona coffee, it’s actually quite fun when you are doing it. Want to take it a notch higher, pull out recipes from online, and add a twist to your dish and call it your own when you are done with it. You can even TikTok the entire process down and have loads of fun doing it. The main thing here is not perfection, but having fun. Who knows, you might even get a great shot for your Instagram.

Decorate your room

#7 Decorate your room

We know traveling is out of the question at this point in time, with the ongoing COVID-19, you probably will have to push back all your travel plans for a bit. How about decorating your wall with this Scratch Travel World Map, not only does it keep your time occupied, you can have some fun scratching off the countries you have been to.

With all the time on hand, you can even try organising your makeup, putting all your lipstick, concealer, and other items in place. This will do the trick for you.

Relax, and brew yourself a cup of tea

#8 Relax, and brew yourself a cup of tea

Lastly, don’t get too stressed out with Circuit Breaker or a soon-to-be full lockdown (or not) in Singapore. If anxiety kicks in, you can try brewing yourself some tea to calm you down. Some of the teas that work best for anxiety are Camomile Tea, Peppermint Tea, Lavender Tea, and Green Tea, which you can easily get from your nearby supermarket. To add some fun to tea time, we got ourselves this Lochness Monster Tea Infuser as our tea time companion.  
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