8 best podcasts to listen to on Spotify to get you going at work

8 best podcasts to listen to on Spotify to get you going at work

Whether you are into local pop culture, politics, gossips, or a niche genre around the globe, you can run through this list that we picked out for you to keep you company through your work when you are getting bored of the songs on your playlist.

Yah Lah But…

1. Yah Lah But…

If you like unfiltered and uncensored content, you will enjoy the witty banter and discussion about Singapore headlines and even the gossipy ones by Haresh & Terence. They are also from the same team that brought you the YouTube channel, Ministry of Funny.

Supernatural Confessions

2. Supernatural Confessions

This is a supernatural podcast from Singapore featuring True Ghost Stories, Myths and Superstitions that happened in Singapore and the rest of South East Asia. You know how asian ghosts are the scariest of them all. Each episode brings you real paranormal encounters from real people, that are then discussed further in-depth.

Sex & Singapore City

3. Sex & Singapore City

Expect trials and tribulations of bad dates, bad sex, epic dates and amazing sex, female lifestyle issues, funny stories, honest and brutal advice, online dating woes, contraception issues, couple problems, relationship ideals, drunken regrets, long lost loves and everything in between. This is a channel by a female for all females.

The Tan Cheng Bock’s podcast

4. The Tan Cheng Bock’s podcast

If you enjoyed Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s campaign during the recent General Election, and if you have been following him and his “hypebeast” persona on social media, you might just be interested in this podcast. Dr Tan will be sharing stories about his life and experiences throughout the years, and will be answering questions from listeners too.

Serial Killers

5. Serial Killers

If you are a fan of history-most-notorious serial killers, this podcast will be a good one to keep you company at work when watching Criminal Minds or Mindhunter is not possible. Serial Killers takes a psychological and entertaining approach to provide a rare glimpse into the mind, methods and madness of the most notorious serial killers with the hopes of better understanding their psychological profile.


6. Serial

 This is probably the podcast that sparked the rest of the other podcasts for us. Serial is an investigative journalism podcast that narates a true story, following the plot and characters wherever they lead, through many surprising twists and turns.

Good Hang

 7. Good Hang

This is a podcast about pop culture, current events, and anything and everything that tickles your fancy by Jon Cancio and Nathan Hartono. Have a go and see if it’s really worth to hang with them on this podcast while at work.

True Southeast Asia Horror Stories

8. True Southeast Asia Horror Stories

This podcast chronicles the supernatural in Singapore and around Southeast Asia that’s inspired by stories shared by real people. If you are a fan of the podcast – Supernatural Confession, you might want to check out this podcast too. What we love is that each episode is narrated in short stories of not more than 20mins unlike most podcasts that run up to an hour or more. So if you need some fillers for your breaks in between, consider tuning in to this.


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