8 best Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2021

Mother's day is one of the most special occasions in a year and marks the celebration of the unconditional love you share with your Mom, and it’s the perfect time to show how much you love and appreciate your Mom! 

While we can’t promise that you won’t have to stress over what to get mom this year, we can offer up some great suggestions that will hopefully make the decision easier. The best part is that apart from giving her a beautiful bouquet, you can gift her something thoughtful, that becomes a part of her life. So no matter what type of person your Mom is, we have handpicked the 8 best Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2021.

1. Ellery Heart Double Wall Glass Mug

8 best Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2021

Make mom a hot tea inside this cute heat resistant Heart Shaped Double-Wall Glass Mug and make tea time special for the both of you. This mug is perfect for keeping your drinks hot while keeping the glass cool, making sure she’s still enjoying a cuppa hot tea after stepping away for a while.

Shop link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/collections/home-decor-gifts/products/ellery-heart-double-wall-glass-mugheart-love-shaped-double-wall-glass-mug

2. Mama's Day Messenger Jar

Mama's Day Messenger Jar

Here’s a hand-crafted gift box that our team has put together. Surprise your Mom with this jar of sunshine, a gift she will always remember. Making it is a sweet way to convey thanks without saying so many words.

Inside this gift box:

  • 1 x Jar with a stalk of sunflower
  • 1 x Happy pill (assorted colour) with a slip of paper inside to personalised a thoughtful message for Mama
  • A sprinkle of hearts inside the box
  • Each set is hand-crafted with love from our team, and comes packed in a craft box with a label - ‘For You Mama’.

Early bird promo: $15.90 (U.P $29.90)

Get this box now: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/mamas-day-messenger-jar

3. Thumper Rice Spoon

Thumper Rice Spoon

The Thumper Rice Spoon is a great Mother's Day gift because it’s really practical and can be used everyday, making cooking rice easier than ever. It will help add a bit of fun to meal preparation too!

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/collections/home-decor-gifts/products/thumper-rice-spoon

4. Zen Faces Decorative Plant Pot

Zen Faces Decorative Plant Pot

Whether you're indulging her interest with a bouquet of flowers or a greenery-themed home accessory, this decorative plant pot will make a thoughtful gift for Mom. This decorative plant pot is ideal for an indoor plant, so you can give Mom a happy plant for Mother’s day.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/collections/home-decor-gifts/products/zen-faces-decorative-plant-pot

5. Wooden Felt Letter Board

Wooden Felt Letter Board

Create your own personal message for Mother's Day. This changeable lettering board is perfect for creating a special message to say thank you, or to show how much you care. This is a great way to show your appreciation for all that your Mom has done for you,

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/collections/home-decor-gifts/products/wooden-felt-letter-board

6. Pixel Heart Changing Colour Mug


Pixel Heart Changing Colour Mug

Surprise your Mom with this magic mug, and bring a little excitement to morning coffee time. When the mug is empty, the pixel heart is nearly completely black, and when you pour your hot beverage into it, the heart literally turns red! Be sure to watch her expression when she makes herself a cuppa coffee or tea.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/collections/home-decor-gifts/products/pixel-heart-changing-colour-mug

7. Kjell Shaker Set (Four Seasons)

Kjell Shaker Set (Four Seasons)

Here is a great gift for Mom if she spends most of her time in the kitchen. Kjell Shaker Set comes with four seasons design to keep your spices fresh and also help you season your food quickly.

These shakers will look adorable sitting on any table and make a fun addition to any kitchen!

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/collections/home-decor-gifts/products/four-seasons-seasoning-shaker-set

8. Zeru Leather Apron

Zeru Leather Apron

Are all your meals prepared by your Mom? Here’s a great gift for her! A beautiful handmade apron that gives your Mom the best of both worlds! This all-in-one apron combines the functionality of the apron with the luxury of leather. She can now cook delicious meals for the whole family while making an impression.

Zeru leather aprons look great and will be appreciated by moms of all ages.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/zeru-leather-apron

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