8 best gifts for that friend going through a difficult time

8 best gifts for that friend going through a difficult time

When someone you love is going through a difficult time, you want to support them. But it isn’t always easy to know what gift to buy for that friend who is going through a really hard time, especially the ones that say “I’m here for you and I hope this helps you out.” 

It's a bit difficult to give an umbrella in the middle of a monster downpour. But here are 8 best gifts we have picked out for your friend who is going through a difficult time, so they can deal with their problems in style. This list will provide you some ideas on the best gifts for that friend who needs a little extra care and attention to get them through.

1. A Crappy Gift Box 


A Crappy Gift Box


This Crappy Gift Box will withstand any crap that comes their way. Best part is, this gift box even allows you to write the name of the person you are giving it to at the front of the box.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the crappiness that goes inside this box.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/a-crappy-gift-box

2. Seth The Smiley Basket


Seth The Smiley Basket


A basket of smiles from Seth will be sure to put a smile on their faces.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/seth-the-smiley-basket

3. Oswy Smiley Floor Mat

You may not be able to be there for your friend physically, but that emotional support will be one that your friend will remember. Oswy is a floor mat that smiles back at you, and reminds your friend that they can count on you for anything.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/oswy-smiley-floor-mat

4. Pastel Retro Pocket Mini Game Console


Pastel Retro Pocket Mini Game Console


Sometimes a little distraction goes a long way. Your friend may not want to talk about it, so why not add some distractions to their day to make them feel better? Built-in with 500 classic games, you will be sure to keep them well-occupied.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/pastel-retro-pocket-mini-game-console

5. Little Mason Hourglass


Little Mason Hourglass


Let time heal. It’s the only way to help them go about this.  

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/mini-3-min-hourglass

6. Fun Colour-Blocking Socks by Two Sleepy Heads


TSH Fun Colour-Blocking Socks


These colourful socks are fun to wear and will put a smile on any bad day. Especially with a unique packaging that sticks its tongue out to any bad days, you know it’s gonna make a joyful gift.

These colour-blocking socks are an extra special gift for any occasion that will put a smile on their faces every time they wear it.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/fun-colour-blocking-socks

7. Drowning Robot Tea Infuser


Drowning Robot Tea Infuser


If someone you know has been feeling a bit down lately, it's time to cheer them up with this Drowning Robot Tea Infuser. Know that if Mr Robot can hang on to his life when the storm comes, you can too!

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/drowning-robot-tea-infuser

8. Voozy Stress Reliever Push Pit


Voozy Stress Reliever Push Pit


You know the feeling of being overwhelmed? The more stressed out they are, the more problems seem to appear. It can start to feel like a vicious cycle that never ends. This push pits will help provide a way to fend off stress.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/voozy-stress-reliever-push-pit

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