7 Unique cup coasters you will fall in love with

7 Unique cup coasters you will fall in love with

Whether it's a hot cup of joe you want to keep from being thrown off on your kitchen table, or a nice glass of iced tea you don't want sliding around on the living room coffee table, a cup coaster has turned into something of an indispensable accessory that acts as a barrier between your cup and furniture, preventing rings from ruinous drinks. But do you know that there are many more interesting types of coasters than just the plain ones your mom probably uses?

Here are 7 of the most unique cup coasters that we absolutely love. These unique coasters can add a new level of delight to your home decor while adding a purpose on the side.

1. Hamo Silicone Coaster

Hamo Silicone Coaster

Never thought your favourite ham and cheese sandwich or that egg and cheese sandwich could one day become a coaster set too? Well, this Hamo set made that happen. Not only does it add some colours to your table, stacking it back when not in use will look quite a fun sandwich display on your table too. 

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/hamo-silicone-coaster

2. Plopper Felt Coasters

Plopper Felt Coasters

Oh Plopper! The coasters will add on the aesthetics to your dining table while not using Plopper, you can assemble it back to its fitting piece, in a neat standing display (that'll be one very cute piggy).

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/plopper-felt-coasters

3. Carl Cactus Coaster Set


Carl Cactus Coaster Set


Carl sure knows how to put your coasters on display. This coaster set is designed to look like a cactus head. The coasters are housed in a pot, so when you stack them up, they form a cute mini cactus.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/carl-cactus-coaster-set

4. Hege Mirror Coaster Set

Hege Mirror Coaster Set

We logo that Hege comes in irregular shapes, making it look like abstract pieces laid out on your table. These mirror coasters will also add an instant sparkle to your tables and when your guests finish their glass of wine, they can use this coaster to watch themselves slowly become drunk (we are kidding). 

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/hege-mirror-coaster-set

5. Dagny Handmade Rattan Coaster

Dagny Handmade Rattan Coaster

Dagny will prove that good taste transcends styles. Functional and contemporary, yet stylish and elegant, these handmade rattan coasters speak volumes about good taste. Plus, they do an awesome job of protecting your furniture from unsightly stains!

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/dagny-handmade-rattan-coaster

6. Geir Handmade Rattan Coaster

Geir Handmade Rattan Coaster

The Geir handwoven rattan coaster will provide a relaxing accent to your home - not to mention protecting your furniture from the effects of hot drinks.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/geir-handmade-rattan-coaster

7. Biscuit Wooden Coaster

Biscuit Wooden Coaster

Snack time! Just that this time, you wouldn’t be actually snacking on it. Just place these cute little biscuit coasters on your desk, coffee table or even in the kitchen, and they’ll make people wonder whether they’re edible.

PS: These do not require baking to enjoy.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/biscuit-wooden-coaster