7 unconventional romantic places to take your Bae this Valentine’s Day

Still cracking your head on what to plan for your bae this Valentine’s Day? We know it only happens once a year and we also know you want to make it perfect. We have put together a list of unconventional ideas to get you started with the planning process.

1. Sunset Cruise on Royal Albatross

Surprise your bae with a romantic 3-course dinner cruise on this superyacht. This entire cruise trip will take about 2.5hrs, so you will be sure that this experience will stick for a long time, and it will certainly bring back golden memories in the future. 

More info can be found here: www.tallship.com.sg/events/valentines-day

2. Le Petit Chef @Grand Hyatt Singapore

This will be fun! The entire dining experience will take the both of you on an immersive dining adventure with the world’s smallest chef, Le Petit Chef. The course will use 3D projection mapping, themed music, props and show presenter to deliver a visual and culinary treat for you and bae. 

More info can be found here: www.singapore.grand.hyattrestaurants.com/le-petit-chef.html

3. Cable Car Dining

This will give you full private dining experience, with no one disturbing you and bae. You can cosy up in the cable car cabin with a 4-course meal, while taking in the lights of Singapore’s cityscape against the night sky as you journey from Faber Peak to the harbour and Sentosa. 

More info can be found here: www.onefabergroup.com/cable-car-sky-dining

4. Teepee Dining @Mr. Stork, Andaz Singapore

Not only do you get to enjoy an awesome panoramic view of the Singapore city skyline at thirty-nine floors above ground, you get your very own personal teepee hut too with their Valentine’s Day exclusive experience, which includes:

- Exclusive use of one signature tepee huts for the entire night (5pm till closing)

- 2 welcome cocktails

- 4 bottles of mini Andaz x Pommery POP champagne

- Mystery gift from Hendrick's Gin

- Exclusive Perk by Kate gift bar, consisting of a lingerie set gift card from Perk by Kate, chocolates by Fossa Chocolate and scent sachets by Candles of Light 

More info can be found here: https://andazshop.oddle.me/en_SG

5. Stargazing

Always wanted to go stargazing with bae but realised there’s nothing much going on up there at night? Look harder, or maybe there’s an easier way to do this. You can bring bae to the Science Centre Observatory — Singapore’s most well-known stargazing site and use their telescopes to spot your favourite constellations. If you do not know, stargazing seshes are only organised on Friday nights, which means it’s perfect for this year’s Valentine’s Day. The stars are definitely aligned on this one. 

More info can be found here: www.science.edu.sg/whats-on/workshops-activities/stargazing

6. Glamping

Want a staycation but it feels too common and nothing special? How about Glamping? It literally combines the rustic-feel of camping and the privacy you get from a hotel staycation. Sure, you can pitch your own tent for this, but the experience of preparing it yourself might not be as perfect as you thought it to be. Why not leave the setup to the experts, while you plan for the main activity to do to make your night even more special. 

There are a few Glamping planners available in Singapore (e.g. Glampingkaki, Glamping Society, Wondrous Glampers, etc) that you can book from to get your started on your V-Day planning.

7. Netflix and chill

Nothing beats a good night in, watching Netflix and just chilling in with bae. Order in, grab a bottle of wine, and switch your Netflix on. It’s simple but the time spent together is going to be much more precious than anything. 

Hopefully this has helped you planned out some ideas. If there’s any consolation, at the end of the day, it’s really just you and the thought that counts, so don’t get too stressed over this.
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