7 Things to do for your Mom this Mother’s Day even when you are stuck at home

7 Things to do for your Mom this Mother’s Day even when you are stuck at home

Mother’s Day is probably one of the more significant celebrations we do with our mom as a family to show our appreciation and gratitude to her. Traditions like a day out over fancy dinners or a pampering spa or massage treat will unfortunately not be happening this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

But, there are still things you can do for your Mom despite this year’s unfortunate circumstances. We decided to put together a list of mom-approved activities and gift-worthy ideas for you. Are you ready?

Breakfast in bed

1. Breakfast in bed

Who wouldn’t like the idea of having breakfast in bed? Pamper your Mom by whipping up a thoughtful breakfast. Not a chef? You don’t really have to stress over this, you can also prepare something as simple as pancakes and coffee or Orange Juice by the side. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that your Mom will appreciate.

Surprise her with breakfast in bed by delivering it to her when she wakes up.

Design a ‘Day Off’ gift voucher

2. Design a ‘Day Off’ gift voucher 

Draw her a “Day Off” voucher with a touch of your personalised art on it and gift it to your mom to allow her to redeem a day off (or a number of days that you want to add on this voucher) any time of the year.


E-Gift card

3. E-Gift card

When heading out shopping is restricted during this period and you are not sure what to buy for your Mom, why not get her a gift card that she can spend any time?
We have just released gift cards for purchase at our e-store with credit options of $10, $25, $50, and $100 for you to pick from.

Buy gift card here 
With collections from Home & Decor to trending Bags & Accessories, your mom will be kept busy for a good time while shopping.

Bake her cupcakes, cookies or pastries
4. Bake her cupcakes, cookies or pastries

Indulge and satisfy your Mom’s sweet tooth by baking her some sweet treats. You do not have to be a Martha Stewart to do this. Whether it comes out pretty, awesome, tasty, or nay, your mom will appreciate the thought.
 Sponsor her a year of weekly cleaning service
5. Sponsor her a year of weekly cleaning service
If your Mom is one who spends most of her time doing all the home cleaning herself making sure your cabinets are dust-free or that rugged is stained-free, sponsoring her a year of weekly cleaning service will be the most practical gift for her.

This allows her to get a good break once a week. You can do this by engaging a cleaning service company to provide their cleaning services for your home. You know how tiring housework chores can get, your mom will love this!
 Netflix and chill date
6. Netflix and chill date
Circuit Breaker is probably a once in a decade opportunity to find all the time you need. No excuse for saying “no time”. With ample time on hand, why not set aside a day for quality family bonding time together with a Netflix and chill date. Pick an all time favourite TV series to binge watch on like Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, or even K Drama shows. 

7. Make her a playlist of her all-time favourite classics
7. Make her a playlist of her all-time favourite classics
This will bring back all the fond memories for her, and what’s even better, make her a playlist with this retro cassette design MP3 player. A gift that is timeless will always make for a good gift to have.


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