7 Singaporean shows to catch on Netflix to relieve the nostalgia

7 Singaporean shows to catch on Netflix to relieve the nostalgia

Growing up, I remember I’d watch any Singaporean show no matter how ridiculous they were. But over the years, consumption of local TV has just depleted, this could be that we are spending a lot more time catching foreign shows or we are simply too busy to watch TV. 

With this post, I'll recommend 8 Singaporean shows on Netflix so you can indulge in that sweet nostalgia too. 

1. Triple Nine

Triple Nine

This was our local action-drama television series back in the 90s, that revolved around the lives of a group of police officers. This series that ran from 1995 – 1999 on Channel 5, was way better than Crime Watch in our opinion. 

2. Best of Incredible Tales

Best of Incredible Tales

A supernatural horror documentary television series that is recounted by first-hand accounts of everyday people, will be bound to send chills down your spine.

3. Ilo Ilo

Ilo Ilo

This is probably one film that we believe you have caught. If you haven’t, be sure to catch it if you have some time on hand. The premise of this film was set during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, following the Lim family – Tech, his wife Hwee Leng, their son Jia Le, and their domestic helper Terry. Through this film, we see how the bond was formed between Jia Le and Terry, when the family went through financial troubles.

4. Army Daze

Army Daze

This 90s classic is definitely one to remember and worth a rewatch. Showing a group of fresh recruits who just joined National Service, despite their racial and family background, they managed to forge a strong friendship that helped them ease their transition getting through their tough army routine.

This slapstick humour comedy makes for a great weekend watch.

5. Best of Phua Chu Kang 

Best of Phua Chu Kang

This one iconic eccentric contractor with his trademark yellow boots will never be forgotten. This series has brought us so much laughter back in the days, and is one that is worth a re-watch.

6. Best of Under One Roof

Best of Under One Roof

Under One Roof was the first locally produced English-language sitcom in Singapore, which tells the story of the Tan family living in a HDB. This sitcom sure brings back loads of childhood memories for us.

7. Mee Pok Man

Mee Pok Man

Even after 20 years, Mee Pok Man is still one of the more influential films in Singapore. Whether it’s a creepy tale of necrophilia or a love story that went wrong, it’s worth a watch or a rewatch.