7 popular old-school games with a twist that make great gifts every time

7 popular old-school games with a twist that make great gifts every time

Relive the games of your childhood in a new way, whether you call it old-school or retro, we know somehow there’s this nostalgic feeling in us that we cannot shake off. We decided to put a twist to these childhood games that will also make for the perfect gift for your friends, BFFs, or anyone else in between who can relive those moments with you and have fun together. 

1. Remember Nintendo Game Boy?

Nintendo Game Boy

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are Nintendo fans, and those who haven't played Mario. Either which, this Nintendo-like retro game console will bring back fond memories with its 500 classic built-in games that come in 8-bit quality mode. The twist? They come in pastel colours, and they will make the perfect gift for the fashionable geek on your list.

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2. Time for a virtual egg throwback.


But with a twist! These pastel virtual pets will make you feel like you are having a tamagotchi pet. You can even choose which character you want as your virtual pet, and name it after. But, remember to feed it when it’s hungry, or clean its poo-poo, even if it’s in the middle of the night. Responsibilities are real, but it will make a great companion for you or anyone you are giving this virtual pet to.

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3. Remember the great days of cassette tapes for your Walkman?

Walkman and cassette tapes

Do you still remember that clunk-clunk sound cassettes make – the crunchy noise, the tracks of the tape. Those were the days, right? Well, you can now get back to basics with this Retro Mini Cassette MP3 Player, by making a personalised mixtape with it. Functionally, they are able to support up to 32GB Micro SD (TF) card slot, doubling up as a USB Flash Drive too.

This my friend, is how we recreate a beautiful memory but with a modern spin.

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4. Once upon a time, you too could stack bricks at home.

Brick Game and Tetris

If you know what we are talking about, you are probably a fan of brick games, or Tetris. The ultimate retro game is now the size of a keychain, small in size but big on fun. Hit the reset, put your skills to the test with this portable Tetris game. A fun way to pass time while commuting, and an ideal gift for anyone who loves all things retro.

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5. Finger basketball. Never grows old.

Finger basketball

Uh-oh, the 90s are having themselves a moment, a little bit of our childhood right at home. Get ready for a tip-off with this Mini Elliot Basketball Shooting Hoops, the spontaneous game of finger basketball that spurs on childhood memories. No battery is needed to operate this, and it will make a fun gift for the kids and adults of all ages.

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6. Toss it or not?

Ring toss hoops game

One of the popular games of the 90’s. Do you remember playing the ring toss game growing up? All of your friends are now too cool for it? Well, we are not. We have combined both of those nostalgic games into one, that’s also a functional iPhone case for you to carry along. The Inca Ring-Toss Game iPhone Case will be a great travelling companion, helping you kill time when you want to take a break from Social Media.

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7. They say a blast from the past, we totally agree.

retro game console

For those looking to submerge themselves in the classic gaming fun of yesterday, the Dax Tetris Game Console plays your retro favourites in all their original glory. Built in with 23 games that will be sure to keep the fun going when you are staying in for the weekend.

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The purest way to make someone happy is by giving them the gift of fun.  The next time you find yourself without something to do, you may want to check out some of these classic games — for a new twist.

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