7 coolest tea infusers to serve your tea and WOW your guests this CNY

7 coolest tea infusers to serve your tea and WOW your guests this CNY

Chinese new year is round the corner, in less than a month’s time from now, are you already preparing your home and getting it all ready for your guests when they come over for a bai nian session? 

You’re hosting an open house. You’ve got the table set and you’ve baked cookies (or just bought them from NTUC Fairprice). The question remains: how are you going to brew your tea? It’s time to pair them up with these 7 coolest tea infusers to get the conversation going with your guests.

 1. Cinnabun Tea Infuser

Cinnabun Tea Infuser

It’s time for Cinnabun to hop into the spotlight. Press down on his head to release the flavour, and watch him spring back up with a grumpy smile.

2. Callie Tea Infuser

Callie Tea Infuser

Callie, the cat, will hang on tight on your glass to greet your guests when tea is being served. Who needs a fortune cat, when Callie is much more friendlier.

3. Little Willy Tea Infuser


Little Willy Tea Infuser


Let Little Willy take a deep dive before greeting your guests with a nice cuppa tea. 

4. Thumbs up Tea Infuser


Thumbs Up Tea Infuser


Whether it’s your colleague you see every day or a friend you hardly see, you can always let them know it’s good to have them over during CNY.

5. Drowning Robot Tea Infuser

Drowning Robot Tea Infuser

Be careful! This robot is drowning in happiness when he sees your guest taking a sip from him.

6. Acorn Shape Tea Infuser

Acorn Shape Tea Infuser

Good things are brewing inside Acorn for all tea connoisseurs.

7. Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser

Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser

For your guests who require stronger waves in their cups, Nessie will take them on a journey.


You know your tea will never look cooler than these.


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