7 best gifts for Father’s Day 2021

7 best gifts for Father’s Day 2021

There’s just something about a dad that gives you the warm fuzzies, and we know no one knows you quite like him – he’s your best pal and cheering section all rolled into one.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we know it can be tough to find that perfect gift that shows how much you care, so to help you say thank you to the best man in your life, we have rounded up 7 best gifts for the dad who already has it all.


Elsker Personalised Love Jar Messenger

1. Elsker Personalised Love Jar Messenger

Whether it's the classic Dad or the modern Dad, this Father's Day gift set delivers a timeless design inside and out. Personalise your family photo and surprise dad with this thoughtful gift.

Inside the box: 
- 1 x Jar with your personalised photo
- 1 x heart shape embroidery patch (assorted colour)
- 1 x Happy pill (assorted colour) with a slip of paper inside to write your love notes
- Each set is hand-crafted with love from our team, and comes packed in a craft box with a label - 'This is our story'. 

Budget: $34.90 (Includes free delivery)

 Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/elsker-love-jar-messenger


Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

2. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

Gift dad a new twist on his favorite morning beverage. The Ctrl-Alt-Del Cup Set is a great gift for fathers, and computer geeks who can appreciate this novelty cup set in their home or office. It’s definitely a fun and functional way to enjoy your morning coffee, tea, or even snacks.

Budget: $34.90

 Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/ctrl-alt-del-mugs

Retro Game Console

3. Retro Game Console 

We have just brought back the 90's Nintendo-gaming days. Next to his smartphone, it is the best gift that he can get.

Built-in with 500 classic games, and comes with 600mAh battery that lasts for 6 hours. You can also connect it to your TV output to experience the full game on a big screen and take your dad on a trip down memory lane with his favourite classic games.

 Budget: $35.90

 Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/pastel-retro-pocket-mini-game-console

Caddy Golf Mug

4. Caddy Golf Mug

Inspired by the joy of golfing, our exclusive golf shot glass is the perfect gift for your golf-loving dad. If he loves his golf, then he'll find this mug particularly amusing. He can even practice his swing while recharging his thoughts with a sip of coffee or tea. 

Budget: $59.90

 Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/caddy-golf-mug

Drowning Robot Tea Infuser

5. Drowning Robot Tea Infuser

This year, get dad a different kind of robot – one that tastes his tea instead. Light up his face with this Drowning Robot Tea Infuser when this little guy floats in his cup to brew his tea to perfection. 

Budget: $12.90

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/drowning-robot-tea-infuser


Dale Wall Hook

6. Dale Wall Hook

Dale Wall Hook is a unique greeting gift for your dad that helps him get organized at the same time. Dale will pop his head out to greet him when he hangs something on it, then slides back into the wall when he removes it. Extremely fun and adorable, a practical gift your dad will surely remember.

Budget: $27.90

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/dale-wall-hook


Tetris Changing Colour Mug

7. Tetris Changing Colour Mug

It’s the perfect Father’s Day gift for any dad geek who grew up playing Tetris. Like your classic Tetris game, watch your score increase or decrease according to the temperature of your drink. Add your favourite hot beverage to get a high score.  

As one of the best Father's day gifts, this mug will be a great addition to any fun Father's Day gift basket.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/tetris-changing-colour-mug

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