7 All time Favourite Christmas Movies That Are Worth Staying In For

It’s the time of the year again to light up the trees and pour some wine, let the snuggling movie marathon begin.

First up, a real comedy classic,

1. Home Alone 1 and 2

The movie that we can watch a hundred times but still awww at how cute Macaulay Culkin face goes when he does his famous “Aaaaaaah!”. Home alone portrays a sense of nostalgia as we feel his fear of being left home alone at the age of 8. But our experience probably won’t be as fun and thrilling as his, since Singapore is a safe country (except for yishun).


2. The nightmare before Christmas

Both the worlds of halloween and Christmas combined into one. Dive into this world of strange  haunting landscape and characters in this animated film. Who love a snake that eats the Christmas tree?


Well, moral of the story: don’t mess with Christmas.

3. A Christmas Story(1983)

Like what they say, the movie that pulls off Santa’s beard. A heartwarming story about a 1930’s family filled with nostalgia and dark humour. Basically it’s a comedy Christmas movie that makes you go


4. Elf

The story of an elf who is coming home for Christmas. Buddy, starring Will Ferrell, all time biggest comedy’s star, prancing around in a elf costume absolutely hilarious and heartwarming. This movie teaches us the importance of family bonding and fatherhood.

Remember to give your dad a big warm hug this Christmas.

5. A Christmas Prince 1 and 2

A netflix christmas movie that was watched again and again. WIth classic royal palace, horse drawn carriages, privilege royals, its indeed a classic fairy tale christmas movie. Sometimes a cheesy movie work best for the holidays.

6. The Grinch

Choose to watch this brightly animated remake of the grinch from Dr. Seuss’ beloved classic picture book instead of the classic 1967 film. Many critic that this isn’t really like the classic movie but oh well, at least the kids won’t have nightmare watching it. This movie teaches us the importance of kindness.

Remember that kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere!

7. The Princess switch

Vanessa Hugens on screen for a romantic christmas movie. Not one but 2 of her. A story about a princess switching roles with a baker as they look alike,  to experience each other’s life and ends up falling in love with people they met. If you haven’t watch this, watch it before the sequel “ the princess switch 2’ comes out on netflix this december. This time, 3 vanessa Hudgens. Woah, this is literally a movie about doppelgangers. 


Let us know if we miss out a christmas movie that you love!


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