5 ways Covid-19 is impacting people’s lifestyle

Covid-19 face masks

Covid-19 is indeed not a joke at all. Since the outbreak of this epidemic, it has impacted globally the way people live their lives. Here are some of the interesting impacts we see happening around the world.


1. Hand Shakes? No more

Covid-19 no hand shakes

Hand shakes during formal meetings are now changed to a pat on the back or just a smile. Some may find this unnecessary and rude since we can always sanitise our hands after every handshake (be it discreetly or outrightly). Peoples' feelings might be hurt as well as it might seem like you are implying that they are dirty. Well well humans, remember to not feel insulted when this happens cause it's all just a precaution.


2. Hair Cuts? Do it the safe way. 


Afraid of human contact but still need to get that hairstyle fixed? No worries. This is how they do it in Sichuan, China, call the long distance (literally) haircut.

3. Kissing? With a protective layer.

Covid-19 kissing with a protective layer

Human to human transmission means say NO to kissing, even if you are French. Pictures of couples kissing with their masks on is popping up all over social media feeds like Instagram and Tik Tok. Well, better to be safe than sorry. What did we find? The porn industries are making Covid-19 videos where couples make out with their mask on. Can you believe this?


4. Groceries and commodities? All gone.

Covid-19 supermarket panic buying

image credit: Getty Image

A dramatic event warrants a dramatic response. First, the masks gone, then the sanitisers, antibacterial wipes any thing that says "KILLS 99.9%" germs were all swept cleanly off the shelves. Then came the hoarding of instant noodles, rice, oil, can food and even toilet papers??! Oh, even condoms were almost gone. Panic buying has spread from Asia to other continents. We can’t blame people, we can only blame panic and fear.

5. Masks

Covid-19 solutions

Covid-19 solutions - container over head

Covid-19 solutions - Disc covering mouth

(this has to be a joke for sure)

The alternative ways commuters tried to 'creatively' protect themselves when the masks were unavailable can be quite interesting we must say. We are sure you have seen some of these images all over the internet.


#staycalm, wash your hands and practice good personal hygiene, sleepy heads. Remember, panic and fear will get you no where. 


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