5 trick-or-treat gifts to get you ready for Halloween

5 trick-or-treat gifts to get you ready for Halloween

It’s the season of spooks, tricks and treats again! If you are planning for a mini block party for Halloween, be sure to get your spook-tacular treats ready for your fellow Halloweeners. We concocted 5 novelty trick-AND-treat gifts that you can buy to get the spooks on in a fun way.

Halloween Ouija Planchette Pins

1. Ouija Planchette Pins

These planchette pins will definitely give the spooks and set the right mood for a spooktacular night even without the presence of a Ouija board.

PS: Never play with a Ouija board, you do not want to open any portal whether you are a believer of science or signs.

Fun Fact: Ouija boards outsold Monopoly boards in WW1. The board was advertised as a family friendly game, or a good dating activity full of mystery and excitement. What are your thoughts on this?

Price: $8

Halloween RIP Enamel Pins

2. RIP Pins

Wear your Halloween spirit on your sleeve, backpack, or anyway to add to the mood. These timeless RIP pins will make for pretty awesome accessories for Halloween costume parties too, or any time of the year.

Price: $5

Halloween Little Boos Stickers

3. Little Boos Stickers

Who says Halloween has to be spooky? We love how cute these hand-drawn Little Boos vinyl stickers are, they can go on anywhere – your laptop, phone, tables, and even help you decorate your walls. If you are planning for a trick-or-treat party this Halloween, be sure to get your home decor done up. 

Price: $5

iOS 14 Pack - Halloween Boo Theme

4. iOS 14 Pack - Halloween Boo Theme

If you are an iPhone user and have updated to the latest iOS 14, you are in for a treat. Our team has designed a pack of Halloween-theme images that you can use. Change up all your app icons and widgets and impress your friends with this. 

PS: One time purchase for many uses across all iPhones with the latest iOS 14 installed.

Price: $6.90

Fun Halloween recipes with craft moulds

5. Halloween Recipes With Craft Moulds

Planning for some creepy but fun treats for your guests this Halloween? Each Crafts Food Mould allows you to make up to six different characters each time. Whether you are making Halloween cakes or jellos, it’s going to be a spook-tacular one.

Price: $12.90

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