5 things you never thought you need to beat COVID-19

5 things you need to combat COVID-19

It’s not going away anytime soon and we know it. We have put together a list of items that can help you combat the virus and stay safe whether you are indoors or outdoors. A.f.a.i.k (As far as I know), prevention is better than cure, don’t you agree?

First on the list, 

Cactus Humidifier With Light

1. Cactus Humidifier With Light

Cleans the air and lights up your life physically and mentally. That's the way it should be. Humidity could be helpful in relieving the symptoms of influenza, as well as preventing it from spreading. This cute AF Cactus Air Humidifier will make your home environment less conducive to cold and flu germs. 

Portable Elevator Disinfectant Stick

 2. Portable Elevator Disinfectant Stick

Terrified of pressing lift buttons and opening doors in public or the office? We feel you. Just flip the tip open to press the elevator button, the sponge contains chlorine disinfectant that cleans itself. What’s more? The back can be flipped open to help you open the door without touching that germ-filled handle.

Virus Shut Out Disinfection Lanyard

3. Virus Shut Out Disinfectant Lanyard

This is so convenient to be carried around! This portable lanyard will disinfect whatever germs and bacteria that are surrounding you.It not only disinfects, but also sterilises and deodorises by releasing a low concentration of airborne chlorine dioxide to eliminate germs and viruses in the surrounding air. Just hang it around your neck to create a barrier against germs and viruses. It’s a much subtler way of cleaning up germs, than spraying your disinfectant at anyone who coughs or sneezes within your vicinity.


Portable UV Sterilizer Lamp

4. Portable UV Sterilizer Lamp

We know we are all a little kiasu (FOMO, or the fear of missing out) or kiasi (a way of being overly afraid) at this moment. This UV sterilizer lamp is good to sterilise towels, bags and makeup brushes, you are literally disinfecting on the go. The sleek and classic design of this lamp allows you to pop it right into your bag and carry it with style without ever being judged.

Sea Animals Portable Squeeze Dispensing Bottle

5. Sea Animals Portable Squeeze Dispensing Bottle

With all the sanitizers flying back on the shelves and with Temasek Foundation distributing 500ml of hand sanitizers to all Singapore households, you now have what we considered a comfortable supply of sanitizers at your home. If you are looking for ways to pour them into smaller portable bottles, let these cute sea animals do the job for you. These squeeze bottles are great to store your sanitizers, and bring them everywhere you go!


Mini Nordic Pill Box

6. Mini Nordic Pill Box

Lastly, don’t forget your vitamins. Fill these pretty boxes with your vitamin pills that are needed to build up your immune system.

Stay safe, and stay clean :)

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