5 Quirky snacks from Scarlett Supermarket. Do you dare try them?

We have been seeing so much hype from Scarlett Supermarket that we had to try it ourselves to see if it is worth the hype. 

If you haven’t heard, Scarlett Supermarket is a store that sells Chinese groceries, beverages, snacks and many other things, which are all imported directly from China, and they are at super affordable prices. Think Giant or Sheng Siong, but the China version of it. 

To be honest, when we heard that everything was from China, we were really keen to check it out at first. But boy oh boy, we were wrong. This supermarket gave us a fresh perspective towards Chinese snacks, and yes, we were pretty mind-blown by some of the snacks and beverages that they sell. We found ourselves holding on to some of the quirkiest snacks that we could get our hands on, some were oddly weird enough to piqued our curiosity and we just had to give it a try. So here are some of the snacks that we picked out, and we are going to give our most unbiased review.

1. Sha Er Ge Hot Pot Pepper Flavour Rice Cracker

Sha Er Ge Hot Pot Pepper Flavour Rice Cracker

The name ‘Sha Er Ge’ when translated, literally means ‘stupid brother’. It was what that caught our attention, and it went straight into our shopping basket.

We tried the Sichuan Pepper Flavour. The cracker comes in the shape of mini waffles, but each bite is spicy, so we are going to warn you on this first. What we really like is that it makes for a good savoury snack with a spicy kick to it. 

PS: If your tolerance level for spiciness is not there, you should skip this. 

Interesting stuff: 4/5
Worth a buy: 5/5

2. Wei Long Big La Tiao

Wei Long Big La Tiao

We didn’t know what to expect when we picked this out. This is like soft breadsticks soaked with chilli and oil. The texture is rubbery and chewy, at one point I even had a hard time pulling it out from my mouth. Overall, it felt a little too unhealthy to be snacking on this. 

Interesting stuff: 4/5
Worth a buy: 2/5 

3. Squirrel Snack Pack (Yam flakes with Cat Ears)

 Squirrel Snack Pack (Yam flakes with Cat Ears)

What caught my attention is the size of this snack pack, it’s almost the size of my pillow, and it’s bigger than my head. This is literally fluff in the making, so I knew I had to give this a try.  

The pack is filled with Chinese words, obviously I had a hard time trying to understand what this snack is about. I had my doubts initially if it is meant for human consumption or was it snacks for squirrels or cats. Upon much scrutiny, I concluded that they are snacks for humans.  

Thank goodness it comes in multiple small packs on the inside, which makes it a lot easier for storage and on-the-go snacking. Now comes the fun part, apparently, there are hidden ‘Cat Ears’ chips within each smaller packs, and you can see if you are lucky enough to spot the ‘cat ears’. Don’t be alarmed by the name of this, we kind of concluded that the ‘Cat Ears’ are just chips in the shape of cat ears. 

Interesting stuff: 5/5
Worth a buy: 4/5

4. Wei Long Fried Pungent Beancurd

Wei Long Fried Pungent Beancurd

If you have never tried Smelly Tofu, and you are curious on how it taste like, you can give this a try. The look of the Beancurd, upon opening the pack, didn’t come with any form of aesthetics at all, it looked like a charred burnt piece of flesh, and it gave a foul smell. If I had to describe this, it would be like a pair of wet smelly socks that’s kept inside your drawer. 

When I took the first bite, I retched, the smell was intolerable. But, if you do not smell it, and just bite it normally, it was actually okay. I guess I can say I have tried smelly tofu?

Interesting stuff: 3/5
Worth a buy: 0/5

5. HAITAI Korean Spicy and Sour Tteokbokki Rice Cake Snacks 

HAITAI Korean Spicy and Sour Tteokbokki Rice Cake Snacks

This last snack is not from Scarlett Supermarket, but I thought I’ll give my unbiased review on this snack that I just tried. Whether you are a fan of Korean Tteokbokki or not, this is a must-try in my opinion. 

This pack of Tteokbokki was pretty addictive, and I couldn’t stop snacking from my first bite.  

Interesting stuff: 4/5
Worth a buy: 5/5

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