5 podcasts to keep you company from your travel to work or school

If you will have to deal with long bus rides, traffic, bus jams, or train delays, sometimes the best travel companion is a podcast. Here are 5 podcasts with a perfect mix of thoughtful conversation and a good laugh to help you pass time, turn down anxiety and stay productive as you hit the road. Trust us, it will make commuting a lot less tedious.

1. If you like horror…

Haunted Hour podcast

We chanced upon this when Supernatural Confession podcast ended its series in February this year. Haunted Hour podcast is hosted by Noel Boyd and produced by Ghost Files Singapore. Every episode centers around a specific subject and features guests with unique real life ghost encounters that’ll give you goosebumps.

2. If you are getting started into financial planning and investments…

The Investing for Beginners podcast

The Investing for Beginners podcast by Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern will help you make the complicated stock market simple. They will show you how to take advantage of the emotions in the market with lessons from successful strategies such as value investing and dividend growth investing, with a few elements of growth investing and trend following.

3. If you like silly moments that you can relate to and laugh about...

In A Pickle Podcast

Two Sleepy Heads just launched their very own podcast - In A Pickle. Yes that’s us and our podcast. What happens when we are caught in a situation? We look for a way out, but that is not always possible. A pickle catches us by surprise and we have to respond on the spot. In A Pickle is a podcast that will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what is happening next. We discuss ways to get out of every awkward or difficult situation, or walk away with a laugh. We tell stories and awkwards moments of life, short stories that you can listen to when you are commuting to make your day.

If you think you met with a totally embarrassed situation that you have nowhere to hide your head at, know that you are not alone!

4. If you like topics on how to razor through your insecurities in life...

Girl Code by Ladies First podcast

Girl Code by Ladies First is a podcast by Tasha and Jasmine, they discuss topics such as love, relationships and mental health, and how to navigate through life by sharing their unfiltered thoughts. 

5. If you like hard-to-talk-about topics from time to time...

The Thirsty Sisters podcast

The Thirsty Sisters podcast by Sylvia and Nina, from Night Owl Cinematics, explores hot and pressing issues you never thought you needed to know, from their first STD scare to the ultimate sex toys in the bedroom. We had a good laugh while listening to their never-ending thirst for wisdom, trends, success and men. 


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