5 home hacks to declutter in a creative way, and keep it clean

5 home hacks to declutter in a creative way, and keep it clean

With the extended Circuit Breaker, being stuck at home with all the time that we have, there’s no better time to reorganise and declutter your space than now. The mess causes stress, and especially being all cooped up at home, taking care of your metal well-being is very important.
We have made a list of home hacks that are available at our e-store, to help you kick start this. So, if you are stuck in a decluttering slump, this will be very useful to help you put space into the right perspective.

 Pastel Wall Hooks1. Pastel Wall Hooks

To declutter, you first have to get rid of anything that is lying around, and if they are not meant to be disposed of, we want to keep them neatly in the right place.
If you have things lying all around, like your bags, belts, clothes, or even wires, these pastel wall hooks will help you organise your items neatly.
Tip: Consider replacing those white plain hooks that you get from the supermarket with these pastel ones to make your space pop against your wall.


Wooden Screw Hook

2. Wooden Screw Hook
Want to spruce up your space with something different yet make your life a bit more organised? For creativity, yet keeping to its minimalist theme, these small but mighty wooden screw hooks will set your wall apart and add fun to it. Made from high quality solid wood, it’s a simple and useful way to utilise your wall space too.

 Kitchen Dishes Sponge Bed

3. Kitchen Dishes Sponge Bed

Keep bacteria away, especially in the kitchen where all the cooking and preparing of food is done. The one thing that most of us tend to forget is the kitchen sponge! Did you know your sponge has the potential to breed E. Coli, salmonella, listeria? Be sure to replace your sponge every week or two.
This creatively-designed kitchen sponge bed will allow your wet sponge to air and dry properly after every wash which is a good way to reduce bacteria too.

 Reusable Food Silicone Ziplock Bag

4. Reusable Food Silicone Ziplock Bag

Avoid your regular Ziplock bags, and go with this reusable silicone ziplock bag. For one, you can wash and reuse, making it very environmentally-friendly. We love, love, love (couldn’t emphasise more) these bags as they can withhold temperature from -20°C - 140°C, and they really help to organise our storage items whether on our shelves or in our fridge.

 Foldable Hand-Woven Seagrass Storage Basket With Tassels

5. Foldable Hand-Woven Seagrass Storage Basket With Tassels
No plants? This seagrass storage basket seamlessly combines style with function and is perfect to double up as a laundry or storage basket to keep the clutter out of sight. If you are lazy to declutter, just move everything into this creative-solution basket and place it in one corner, and you can immediately hide the mess away.


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