5 fun drink coasters you want to have to keep the stains off your table

If you are not using a coaster, it’s time to get one to protect your work desk or coffee table from unsightly water rings and preventing condensation from leaking all over your coffee table.


We never thought we would be looking at coasters when it comes to novelty ideas for gifts. But as we were curating which coasters to feature on our site, we realised they can actually be a fun piece added to your table. So here are the 5 curated coasters that are available at our website too for unique home decor gifts.


Shaped exactly like a plain cracker, we almost mistook this for a real biscuit! This set of coaster definitely makes for a worthy insta-shot whether you are showing off your photography skills or the coaster itself.

Coasters tend to be lying around coffee tables, sometimes you just leave them lying there because you do not know where to keep them. What we really like about this Cactus Coaster Set is that it allows you to assemble it back neatly into a cactus pot display after you are done. Your guests wouldn’t even notice it’s a coaster set that’s functional.

If you are looking for a set of coasters that allows you to tuck it away neatly after you are done using, then Plopper the piggy will make for a good coaster set.

What we really like about Olea Coasters is it’s shaped in a minimalist hexagonal design. The colors are more towards an earthly tone which really complements the entire look. It’s sold in per piece price, meaning to say you can just get one for your cup. Perfect for your work desk.

Although macrame coasters are quite rare to be seen on tables, they go really well with a boho interior theme. So if you are looking for a housewarming gift and the theme is boho style, Ilya Macrame Coasters will be perfect.

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