5 creative things to do on Mother’s day to show your appreciation

5 creative things to do on Mother’s day to show your appreciation

Mother’s Day is a special time of the year and is a chance to show your mom how much you appreciate her. Perhaps she deserves to be pampered after a busy year of caring and nurturing. It’s a day for sharing gratitude and gifts. Some of us might struggle for ideas about what to get for her and we definitely want it to be memorable and heart-warming. So here are 5 on our checklist to get you started for Mother’s Day!

1. Plan a staycation

Mother's Day_Plan a staycation

2. Book a spa day

Mother's Day_Book a spa day

Now, what does your mom want more than anything else? A time to relax. So why not book a day of pampering for her? Mother's day is the moment to show your mom just how thankful you are to have her in your life. It is also the perfect time to make sure she gets what she wants. So on this day, spoil her a little by booking a spa day, and treat her to a lovely massage or facial and an afternoon of total relaxation.

3. Personalised your gift - Mama Messenger Jar

Personalised your gift - Mama Messenger Jar

Mother's day is a great time to give a gift of love and appreciation. Surprise your Mama with this jar of sunshine, a gift she will always remember. Making it is a sweet way to convey thanks without saying so many words. 

The sunny yellow sunflower and the special message is sure to bring joy to Mama on this very special day. 

Inside the box:
- 1 x Jar with a stalk of sunflower
- 1 x Happy pill (assorted colour) with a slip of paper inside to personalise a thoughtful message for Mama
- A sprinkle of hearts inside the box
- Each set is hand-crafted with love from our team, and comes packed in a craft box with a label - ‘For You Mama’.

4. Make a short video of the both of you or as a family

Mother's Day_Make a short video of the both of you or as a family

This year, give the gift that speaks volumes – a video that captures the most memorable moments and memories, that will give her something to remember for years to come. Tell her how grateful you are for everything she has done with your personalized Mother's Day video! It's simple, fun and brings your family together in a way that will last for years to come.

5. Cook a special meal

Cook a special meal

A lot of the time we take our Mom for granted, but one thing that is even more important than saying “I love you”, is to let her know she still means a lot to you ­and that you appreciate everything she does for you. You can start by cooking her your favorite dish, a meal prepared for her with love from the heart. It will be the best way to wish her a hallmark moment.

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