5 best Squid Game Costume for Halloween in 2021


The trending nine-episode Korean drama, Squid Game, that is a hit on Netflix, got us all obsessed over it after we binged-watched the entire series in one day, from its dystopian and violent storylines, colourful setup, to the unforgettable cast of characters. 

Since Halloween is round the corner, we decided why not take inspiration from Squid Game itself for this year’s costume. So whether you want to dress up as the contestant, guard, or even the “red light, green light” doll, we believe it’s going be so much fun, especially for the gram.

1. The Guards

Squid Game Costumes - The Guards

The iconic Red Jumpsuit Guard Costume caught our eyes the minute they appeared in the show, but it’s a little trickier to make on your own.

You will need a plain red jumpsuit with a hood, a black belt, a pair of black gloves and boots, and lastly the mask. We recommend using a black fencing helmet. To finish the mask look, use white paint to draw the Game symbol that you like.

Point to note: If you are going with this look, remember to lose carrying a fake machine gun, else your Halloween party will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

2. The Front Man

Squid Game Costumes - The Front Man

The mysterious Front Man is Squid Game’s head honcho who also gave us the Grim Reaper vibes throughout the show. We got to know that he was also a former winner of the survival competition.

If you prefer to rock up your overall look, why not dress up as The Front man? 

The Front Man’s all-black costume requires a long black leather coat with a hood, black trousers, black boots, and black leather gloves. But the tricky part is the 3D prismatic designed face mask, so unless you have a 3D printer to get this mask printed, we suggest buying it online itself. 

3. Giant Robot School Girl

Squid Game costume - Giant Robot School Girl

There’s something about the “Red Light, Green Light” robot that creeps us out, or maybe it’s because it appeared in the very first episode of the series that caught our attention to the show itself. 

This look is quite easy to assemble yourself if you are thinking of dressing up as the Giant Robot School Girl. All you need is a yellow blouse, an outer orange jumper, knee-high socks, and black shoes. You will need to fix your hair in short ponytails or braids. 

To complete the look, just repeat “Red Light! Green Light’ while you keep turning your head around.

4. The Contestants

Squid Game costume - The Contestants

The players hold a very distinct look with their teal coloured tracksuits and white slip-ons.. But if you are worried about looking like a random jogger from this, sew on your favorite player’s three-digit white number (between 001 and 456) at the back and the left side of the front of the tracksuit. Don’t forget numbering the tee underneath the tracksuit too. Our favourite is 456, what about you?

If you are going to be only wearing this costume once, you can just cut the numbers out from your paper and then glue, tape or pin them up. To add to the realness, smear some fake blood on various parts of your costume.

Oh and a little fun fact we found, the prize of $45.6bn won is also the number that the winner of the survival game, Seong Gi-Hun, was wearing. Is that a coincidence?

5. The VIPS

Squid Game costumes - The VIPS

The sparkling gold-coloured masks that are shaped in the head of different animals have surely added extra thrills to the series. Drawing parallel into the world of the elites and privileged, and taking them to the extremes didn’t really sit well with us. But well, the show has to go on for our eyes to be kept peeled to the series, right?

If you enjoy the thrill of hunting, you can try being one of the VIPs for a day. Apart from the gold animal-head mask, put on a silky satin lounge robe or suit up to complete the look.