5 activities that allow you to continue socialising…virtually

COVID-19 has given a whole new meaning to social interactions, and with the latest announcements by our govt to put a circuit breaker to COVID-19 in Singapore, we no longer have the luxury to hang out with friends over a nice meal (though this is not encouraged from the start) or do some shopping outside. What we have left right now is literally just grocery shopping and home. If you do not like this, trust us, we are not liking it any better too. 

To avoid cabin fever, our team has put together a list of fun virtual activities that we can all try out, and not put a stop to socialising and hanging out with friends.


Netflix Party
“Wanna catch a movie together?” Well, you can still use that with Netflix Party. This chrome extension allows you to watch Netflix TV series and Movies in sync with friends/family online. You can now watch a movie or binge watch on Money Heist together in your pyjamas with no makeup, and with all your friends at the same time.
There’s even a live chat function that makes ‘social watching’ a lot more fun. How awesome is that?


TikTok Videos
If starting a podcast seems too farfetched, TikTok might be the way to kick start this, and have a good laugh with your friends. Especially now that time is probably what you have on hand, even if you are studying or working from home, you will find that you now have a lot more time, and boredom will kick in soon. One month of staying in (with the exception of doing your groceries), you will need a lot more activities on your list to get you through the day.

Why not have some fun making some #stayhome videos on TikTok. Or try out some TikTok challenges for the fun of it! Hey, no one’s judging here.

Live chat apps

TGIF or happy weekend no longer works when you take social interaction out of the picture. Thank God for apps like Zoom and Google Hangout, we can now plan a virtual party with friends and family over the weekend. While you are planning for one, add in drinking games to the list, and get your guests to bring along their favourite alcoholic beverage to the virtual party. You don’t have to worry about getting wasted, your bed is just within reach.


Play it with your friends with this multiplayer drawing and guessing game. With this, you can challenge your friends through drawing and guessing words with them, and even people all around the world. Who says staying home is boring?

Club Penguin

This used to be a game in the past but it brings back so many memories reviving our penguins. If you haven’t tried this, try playing it with your friends and inviting them to your ‘virtual igloo’ to hang out. Throw snowballs at each other or play a game or two such as sled racing with friends. So what if you can’t travel physically, virtually it can be very fun too.

If you have tried other virtual activities that you think are fun, do drop us a note on that, we would love to try them out too. As we all know COVID-19 is here to stay for a while, and social distancing is extremely important to help slow the spread of this coronavirus. Let’s all do our part, and while at it, do stay fun and safe! 

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