15 Weirdest things people search on Google

When you have a question, the first you ask is (and we all know that)... Google! We know Google will always have an answer for us. But we also heard there are people asking Google the weirdest and possibly the craziest things. We just have to find it out for ourselves. 

If you do not know, Google makes a suggestion based on searches that occurred most often, and some we saw are ded funny. Check these out if you need LOL moments to kill your boredom.

1. Oh no no no, why would anyone want to eat that? 😱
2. Awww… aren’t we all searching for that. But I do think Google has the real answer to your happiness.

3. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Google, please prove to them what happiness is if you can.
4. What? Ewww… That’s just gross if they really eat them!
But we know for one, they complain too much. We need an answer to that too.

5. What do we know about that ?
6. You.

7. Yes you can. If you are already asking Google, you are already thinking of it. Go chase after your dreams, they will be worth it.
8. We wouldn’t mind trying out some heavenly snack.
9. What’s better than online dating? Google, their happiness lies in your hands.
10. OMGAWD 🦄 !! We are going to find it for the gram.
11. We don’t judge and we don’t want to know. But being a carrot is more fun.
12. Good question. How do you even yeet a baby? 🤔
13. We sure do not want to live to see the living proof.

And vegetarians are called vegetarian for a reason. 

14. Maybe you are, if you are asking this.

15. Why do you have hair?

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