15 Things to do while being stuck at home

15 Things to do while being stuck at home

Let’s all be responsible and do our part to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. We know social distancing isn’t what we are most comfortable with especially when we are so used to socialising and hanging out with friends. 

But, it’s time to stay home to minimise our movements and help reduce the spread of the virus. We should put a positive spin to this quarantine/SHN/LOA situation and make use of that time to grow yourself. So here’s a list that we came out to help you get through this trying period (alone).

Clean and declutter

  • Clean and declutter
  • Time to declutter and disinfect your living space. Marie kondo it up.

    Complete a jigsaw puzzle

  • Complete a jigsaw puzzle
  • How long has that 1000pcs puzzle box been sitting in your room? Time to take it out and complete it.

    Read a book

  • Read a book
  • FInish reading a book or try reading an ebook. Now is the time to read up and build your knowledge.

    Netflix and chill

  • Netflix it all
  • Binge watch all 5 seasons of breaking bad. Not enough? Watch all the top 10 most popular SG choices that include Crash Landing On You, Kingdom and some social experiment with 100 humans.


  • Workout
  • Can’t head out to the gym or the public stadium for a workout? Do it at home. There are plenty of workout videos on youtube to follow.

    Cook something delicious

  • Cook something delish
  • Now is the best time to whip up some good and healthy food.

    Be creative

  • Be Creative
  • Time to unleash your creativity and artistic skills. Draw some e-cards and send them to all your friends and loved ones.

    Online shopping

  • Online shopping 
  • With all the retail shops being affected, shop online all you want. 

    Learn an instrument

  • Learn an instrument
  • Upgrade your musical skills and learn to play an instrument.

    Learn a new language

  •  Learn a new language
  • Spanish? Korean? French? Make use of the internet to upgrade your language skills.

    Update your portfolio

  • Update your portfolio
  • All that skill is gold. Use this time to update your portfolio and resume.

    Make tik tok videos

  •  Make tik tok videos
  • Join the Gen Zs and put up some tik tok videos. Who knows, it might even go viral.

    Knit something

  •  Knit something
  • Knit your own sweater and make it a sweater weather situation while you cozy up in your bed and watch a movie.

    Pocket Gameboy Console

  • Bring the arcade back home
  • No budget for a Nintendo Switch but still want to keep your time entertained? This affordable Game Boy-like handheld console will do its job with more than 168 built-in classic games. What’s even better is you can even hook it up to your TV output to experience the full game on a big screen. How about that?

    Make a list

  • Make a list
  • Lastly, make a list of all the things you wish to do and make sure to fulfill it once all this is over. Have a lil faith, things will get better.

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