15 New Year resolutions that you wouldn't have thought of

New year, same shit? Or is it? It’s the time of the year again to whip out the resolution wand and cast some magic spells on ourselves as we note down our #NewYearResolution2020 and actually try to keep to it. Here’s are some interesting resolutions ideas to kick start the year and follow through.

1. Figure out your favourite wine

image credit: Kym Ellis

2. Sanitise your phone weekly

image credit: Vandan Patel

3. Throw a dart on the map and travel solo

And go with the flow, you will be surprised where this might take you. It's gonna be fun, and one you will never regret.

image credit: Ashim D'Silva


4. Think before taking an Instagram story

If you always have the urge to IG story whatever you see, try taking a step back. Well, it's more about enjoying what's in front of you, isn't it?

image credit: Joao Silas


4. Start a daily journal to improve mental health

Try this! Cause trusting your heart or your head might not always work.

image credit: Cathryn Lavery

6. Adopt a pet

It's a commitment we know, but 2020 is a leap year. 

 image credit: Diana Parkhouse

7. Make your pet Instagram-famous

If you can't, it will do the job for you. 

 image credit: Jamie Street

8. Become pen pals with someone in prison

Too challenging for you?

 image credit: Aaron Burden

9. Do one thing that scares you

Are you ready to face your inner fears?

 image credit: James Healy

10. Say yes to everything for a month

But be sure to show some discretion while doing it.

 image credit: Drahomir Posteby-Mach

11. Pay it forward once a week

And before you know it, you will be debt free.

 image credit: Matt Collamer

12. Create a playlist of uplifting songs on Spotify to workout to

Kudos if you are already doing this.

 image credit: NeONBRAND

13. Smile at strangers

Hey, it wouldn't harm to make a new friend while at it right?

 image credit: Haut Risque

14. Take naps with your dogs

It's going to be IG worthy :)

 image credit: Claudia Manas

15. Make sure your resolutions are fulfilled

We hope this isn't the most challenging part for you. Till then, we hope 2020 is going to be a blast for you!

image credit: Danil Aksenov


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