15 gifts to buy for friends who are difficult to shop for

15 gifts to buy for friends who are difficult to shop for

With so many different gifting options, it can be hard to come up with something perfect. Whether it’s for a friend who has everything, your BFF, loved ones, or just browsing around for affordable fun gifts for a gift exchange at your workplace, we have a list that they will absolutely love and will put a smile on their faces.

These gifts are perfect for your friends who might already have everything… except one of these.

For the busy bee

15 gifts to buy for friends who are difficult to shop for (for the busy bee)

1. Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser

Sips of style with this Loch Ness tea infuser. Perfect for the busy bee on the go, and remind them to cool down this holiday season with a warm cup of tea.

2. Yolki The Sunny Stress-Relieving Egg

Are you thinking of a gift for that someone who is perpetually buzzing, and constantly stressed up? Beat the stress with Yolkies, and remind them to relax even when things get busy.

3. Mini Mae Classic Retro Game Keychain

We’ve decided to rekindle the glory days of retro gaming, and bring back those simpler days with some classic old-school games on the go. Bring Mae anywhere, with the keychain loop, this mini game console can be played anytime, anywhere, even when you're taking a dump in the toilet bowl. Oh, just make sure you hold it tight as it is really kinda small. It’s a gift for the nostalgia-lover in your life, or simply a gift to keep them company.

For the one who just just moved in to their new BTO flat

Christmas gifts for the one who just just moved in to their new BTO flat

1.Cactus Humidifier (With Light)

Say hello to Cactus! This cactus humidifier is an adorable home essential gift that adds a pop of colour to any room.

2. Little Cuddles LED Lamp

Little Cuddles is a cute novelty lamp you can hold and carry wherever you want to, offering a perfect light for reading or simply enjoying the warm atmosphere. Little Cuddles will make their day brighter by adding that instant ambience to their bedroom, and put a little fun and play into their daily night routine.

3. Weeby The Ducky LED Lamp

“Weeby'' the yellow duckling brings bright warm light and illumination to your new home, bringing a comforting feeling to the room at night that will last the whole day. Never feel alone in the dark with Weeby The Ducky LED Lamp - the perfect companion for snuggling up together.

For the bookworm

Christmas gifts for the bookworm

1. Loch Ness Monster Bookmark

This Christmas, give the gift of stories, and this Loch Ness Monster is looking for a home. What better resting place for an incredible sea creature but the page of a book for your bookworm friend?

 2. Jacob The Submarine Bookmark

This adventure season, give the gift of an escape. Whether it’s a weekend away, diving down with Jacob or reading a book. Jacob is a submarine for your books, and he will watch over reading lists and never sinks.

3. Le Trout Headphones Bookmark

This Christmas, make all the bookworms you care about happy with a Le Trout Headphones Bookmark, so they can always mark their reading page and never lose their page again.

For the tech junkies

Christmas gifts for the tech junkies

1. Bitly Wireless Mouse

Here’s to the mouse who got away. This Bitly Wireless Mouse is a thoughtful gift for work and play.

2. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

It’s time for a reboot! Ctrl-Alt-Delete. How many times have you typed that three-letter combination? It’s a great new gift, perfect for the tech junkies or for those who need to kickstart their work day.

3. Mr Buster Punching Key

How many times have you wanted to punch a hole in your tablet or phone screen because it’s frozen? Mr Buster the punching key will make managing tech screens a lot easier and less frustrating. Give the tech lover in your life a gift they never knew they wanted - and didn’t know existed.

For your favourite person in your life

Christmas gifts for your favourite person in your life

1. Curated Christmas gift sets

Our Christmas gift sets are curated with love to give you and them lots of smiles and cheer. Remember, a gift given with love is worth far more than the wrapping paper. We eliminated the stress over finding the best gifts that will fit right within your budget.

2. Retro Mini Cassette MP3 Player

Remember the good old MP3 days? If you are considering doing up a personalised mixtape for your loved one, why not have it done using our Retro Mini Cassette MP3 player? This classic-looking MP3 player is perfect for making a personalised mixtape playlist, and will make a good nostalgic gift, one that will not be forgotten. Where words fail music speaks, carve out a space in their heart, and prepare to make this an unforgettable gift this year.

3. Retro Pocket Mini Game Console

Bring back the nostalgia when you play these classic games on this mini Gameboy-like handheld console. It’s like your favourite old school games but with a new dimension, and a whole lot of fun games. This retro pocket console is the ultimate gift for bringing back the ‘90s, and makes for a good gift recipe for your loved ones. They can now take some fun on the road with this lightweight pocket-size game console.

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