12 Funky Socks to Match Your Horoscope Personality

Time to put on your socks game with these socks that totally matches your personality based on your horoscope!

Socks: Popcorn Power Pack
For all the Aries who love to be bold, dynamic and energetic. This ‘Popcorn Power Pack’ socks are perfect for you to rush and compete to be the first. 
Socks:  Eggs and Toast colour blocking socks
We know how much Taureans love their food. Known to all as the foodie, this fun colour blocking socks – ‘Eggs and Toast’ will be a great fit. Wake up, put on a pair of ‘Eggs and Toast’ to start the day right.
Socks: Coffee and Donut colour blocking socks
Known to be so busy, Geminis would love to be able to clone themselves sometimes. Colour blocking socks will be perfect for them as no two pairs of socks are the same colour. With their witty and energetic personality, the ‘Coffee and Donuts’ combination is sure to hype up their day.
Socks: Pocketful Of Eyes
Tenacious yet moody and manipulative, the most challenging zodiac personality that we know of. ‘Pocketful Of Eyes’ socks will suit their highly imaginative and challenging minds well. The many eyes on this pair of design mimics a Cancerian’s ability to effortlessly pick up energies in a room.
Socks: Hula
Leos love to bask in the sunlight and have fun with friends. This pair of ‘Hula’ socks design will embrace the cheerful and humorous side of Leos. What’s more, it also comes in Leo’s favourite colour – orange!
Socks: Game Of Chess
Their methodical approach to life makes them really practical. Sit down and attempt a round of chess game with a Virgo and hit checkmate! You know they will get irritated with rudeness or stupidity, and they will not hide it at all.
Socks: Yellow Eyes
The obsession with symmetry and a state of equilibrium is important for Librans. The ‘Yellow Eyes’ design symbolises their constant chase for justice, and the ability to mirror themselves.
Socks: Tell A Story
Scorpios are assertive and love to research and be aware of the situation. They are not half ass people, so throw them a book and let them do the work. We are just kidding. Surprise them with this pair of abstract ‘Tell A Story’ socks, they will love it.
Socks: Time

These idealistic individuals love the idea of humour and philosophy. The abstract design in this pair of ‘Time’ socks will motivate them to chase their freedom spiritual adventures in a timeless way.

Socks: Zippy Stripes
Capricorns are responsible individuals, but they always seem to expect the worst. The expression on this pair of socks signifies their minds and personality.
Socks: Peek-A-Boo
Aquarians are shy and quiet, but yet the most humanitarian souls on earth. Their temperamental behaviour suits the ‘Peek-A-Boo’ pair of socks that features many expressions. Surprise an Aquarian with one, you will know they will be able to relate to this.
Socks: Dreamers unite
It’s no brainer that Pisces are friendly, artistic people, but they can be dreamy too. Their spiritual self is what keeps them up at night.


Have you gotten a pair for yourself? We hope you enjoyed your time reading this.

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