10 Ways the world has creatively adapted to COVID-19

10 Ways the world has creatively adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic

We know how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives one way or another in a tremendous way, and whether you like it or not, it is the new norm that we are going to be living in. So we decided to take a deep dive into how businesses around the world has adapted or will be adapting to this pandemic in order to survive this new normal.

Electric bus with features to help commuters travel safely

1. Electric bus with features to help commuters travel safely
To make public transport viable in the COVID-19 era, Arrival, a UK electric vehicle company founded in 2015, recently announced the launching of a zero-emission bus. The design is equipped with features that promote a positive perception of public transportation while creating an environment that evokes a sense of space, cleanliness and wellbeing, especially in a world of heightened awareness for hygiene and personal space.

Some of the key feature highlights include the zero-touch bells and removable seats to ensure social distancing and hygiene, and also panoramic roof and large windows to increase natural light levels. The cantilever seating and smooth interior surfaces with no seams between walls and floors will make the bus very easy for cleaning.

Table Shields

2. Table Shields

With social distancing in place, acrylic table shields will eventually be a regular sight at F&B establishments to adapt to this new normal. This will be a more practical option than blocking out in-between seats to maintain the distance as it allows for more seatings while adhering to a safe environment for patrons.

Individual Pods for working out

3. Individual Pods for working out
Inspire South Bay Fitness gym in California has gone the extra length (literally) by building ten feet individual working-out pods. These pods probably provide gym-goers with a peace of mind when exercising. Like this idea or hate this? But we must say this is a novel idea indeed, and who knows, it might be adopted by more gyms around the world in future.

Individual greenhouses for couples to dine in

4. Individual greenhouses for couples to dine in
Acrylic table shields might seem to be the easiest and more practical options for F&B establishments, but this particular restaurant in Amsterdam decided to take it a step further by setting up individual greenhouses to keep the distance between diners. Also known as project Serres Séparées – which means separate greenhouses in French.
We totally love this private dining idea! It gives dining out a more meaningful experience while at the same time minimising the contact between waiters and diners.

Work-from-Home (WFH) Jammies

5. Work-from-Home (WFH) Jammies
Looking your best now applies to your zoom meetings too. But looking your best technically only applies to what is seen on that screen of yours. Which means you can be in your best outfit from the top half, and in your underwear for the bottom half and no one will care at all.
This WFH Jammies starts off as a shirt from the top to the chest area, and blends into a sweatshirt from the chest down. The best part is, it comes with sweatpants to complete the look too.
This concept is designed by Whatever Inc, a creative agency based in Japan, with the help of Akihiko Kimura, the designer behind the fashion brand LOKITHO.

Face masks will be the next big thing in fashion

6. Face masks will be the next big thing in fashion
Wearing a face mask is now compulsory, but even if this measure is lifted, we know face mask is going to be a norm when heading out. As we are already adapting to the new normal, a face mask will no longer just be a piece of personal protective equipment, it might become the next fashion accessory that is here to stay.
So get ready to be creative with it, ditch your lipsticks, and have some fun while you are at it.



7. E-Bazaars
We know how events that are planned way beforehand had to be cancelled due to the escalating pandemic. Unprecedented times calls for unprecedented measures, and we saw how some companies like the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar and Shilin Night Market got creative with continuing their event.
With the most recent one that ended just a week ago, was the Shilin Virtual Night Market. Our team had a go with the virtual market experience by having a virtual booth. Personally, we are still quite apprehensive about this idea, we feel there’s still a long way to go to replace actual events with virtual ones, the experience is just different from both a consumer and a vendor point of view. What are your thoughts on this?

Drive-in movie theatres are making a comeback

8. Drive-in movie theatres are making a comeback
Or at least in the US for now. We know drive-in theatres were a big thing back in the 70s, but it will be totally fun if it becomes the next new normal. Imagine driving to your destination and just chill in your vehicle for a movie night. Will we be seeing more of this in the near future?

The unconfined beach

9. The unconfined beach
How do you maintain social distance at the beach when it’s crowded? The designer, jajaxd, has fixed this issue for us by introducing their ‘beachbelt’ kit that helps people keep the distance when they are on the beach. These ‘beachbelt’ kit comes with a set of support elements and a colourful tape to help demarcate the space that each group needs.


We thought this idea is brilliant, it helps to ease the general uncertainty of the space you are in while at the same time allowing you to enjoy the sand and sea.

Special COVID-19 shields for Taxis

10. Special COVID-19 shields for Taxis
Plastic/Fiberglass partitions are now installed in Taxis too in countries like India, Thailand, and London. After all, a shield is aways safer than having no barriers between two people, right? This might just be what we are looking at for the future of all Taxis.  


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