10 unique V-Day gifts you can surprise and possibly knock your bae out

Amidst this unfortunate recent Wuhan virus outbreak, we are here to lighten things up, and spread the love cause Valentine’s day is in two weeks’ time! We have picked out 10 unique gifts that you can even give it to your bff!

1. Retro Mini Cassette MP3 Player

A good mixtape is always highly recommended as one of the thoughtful gifts to give. Well, if you look back to the days before Spotify, mixtapes were created to win the heart of your crush, and this will never go out of style. This MP3 player will allow you to do just that.

2. The Literal Gift Of Nothing

How about adding a little tease to your gifts this year? We know you probably have planned out a fanciful gift or dinner for your bae, but adding this Gift of Nothing will definitely add some fun to the mood. Be sure to Instagram that priceless expression.

3. Retro vinyl Bluetooth Speaker

This little one over here is one to be splurged on if music is one thing that draws the both of you together.

4.  3-In-1 Cat Humidifier With Light

Very often you don’t put practical and cute in one basket, but this 3-in-1 Cat Humidifier will make for the perfect gift. Humidifiers will help to reduce the risk of catching the flu bug too, we are referring to even the seasonal flu. Better be safe than sorry, right? Your bae will thank you for such a thoughtful gift.

5. Hatch-Me Tamagotchi

If you and your bae aren’t ready for a full on commitment, this Hatch-Me Tamgotchi will be a good test for the both of you. Cause if it dies, you can always hit the reset button. 

What's more, with the ongoing Novel Coronavirus, one precautionary measure is to “avoid direct, unprotected contact with live animals” Maybe with that, it might be more fun at the moment to rear a virtual pet together instead.

6. Wooden Felt Letter Board

Trust us, your bae will love a personalised message or note from you. This board will allow you to get down to doing some DIY work and writing a heartfelt note. You will score a straight A for effort!

7. AirPods Maccas Happy Meal Silicone Case

Well, happiness can come in all forms, right? This little take-home happy meal AirPods case will add a smile to even your BFF’s face. 

8. Heart Shaped Double-Wall Glass Mug

Love is in the air? Well, it comes in the form of your drinks too. This will make for the perfect brew of tea if your bae is a tea-lover.

9. LOVE Wire Letterings with LED Light

With all that you have done, you can also add this on to the mood in the room when you Netflix and chill with your bae.

10. Pixel Heart Changing Colour Mug

Pixel Heart Changing Colour Mug

A heart on a mug will look cliche, but a heart that changes colour on your mug will definitely not be. This mug changes colour as you pour your hot beverage into it and serve it to your loved ones.
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