10 unique mooncakes to buy that’s perfect for your Gram

10 unique mooncakes to buy that’s perfect for your Gram

Mid-Autumn Festival is round the corner, which means it’s… mooncake time! It’s something to look forward to especially with the pandemic crisis dampening our 2020 spirits. Looking at the market, competition is definitely stiff for all the mooncake makers, not only do they have to focus on taste, aesthetics play a big part in attracting buyers like you and I.

So, here are the 10 insta-worthy, unique mooncakes (in our opinion) that made it to our list. So what’s it gonna be?

Cartoon Mooncakes

1. Cartoon Mooncakes

Aren’t they cute? We must admit the craft work here is quite creative and an impressive one.

Find them on: www.corineandcake.com

Jelly Mooncakes

2. Jelly Mooncakes

Who says mooncakes have to be done in traditional crust form? These 3D jelly mooncakes are calling out to us now. Comes in a set of 8, also a very auspicious number.

Find them on: @wishinguponacake

Lapis Mooncakes

3. Lapis Mooncakes

These pretty-looking hybrid mooncakes by The Lapis Place has recently made headlines with their Kueh Lapis mooncakes. These mooncakes are made by wrapping the nine-layer rainbow kueh lapis in pastel colours snow skin.

Find them on: www.thelapisplace.com

Marvel Kawaii + Ironman Collection Set

4. Marvel Kawaii + Ironman Collection Set

Calling all Marvel and Iron Man fans! HKMX has teamed up with Marvel to bring you an exclusive bundle of Marvel Kawaii and Ironman mooncake collectibles. We like how the Ironman’s arc reactor and name lights up at the touch of a button.

Find them on: www.hkmxproducts.sg

十三幺mahjong set snowskin mooncake

5. 十三幺mahjong set snowskin mooncake

Bring the fun home by organising a mahjong mooncake gathering sesh with this mahjong snowskin mooncake set. 15 mooncake tiles in 1 box, definitely worth a shot for your gram.

Find them on: baking_mad_candy

Taro De Cha Cha Flaky Teochew Orh Ni Mooncake

6. Taro De Cha Cha Flaky Teochew Orh Ni Mooncake

They say if you love bubur cha cha dessert, you will love this. The best part is they do not use colouring, artificial flavouring, or preservative in their mooncakes, but only the good stuff. Worth the try, and we say it’s gram-worthy from the looks of it.

Find them on: www.pjmooncakes.com.sg/en_SG

Sanrio-themed mooncakes

7. Sanrio-themed mooncakes

If you are a fan or Hello Kitty and My Melody, you probably would have already gotten your hands on this set from 7-Eleven. It even comes with Sanrio-themed bags to complete the whole package. We totally wouldn’t mind that extra flair just for the gram.

Available in 4 flavours to choose from:

- Pandan Lotus Single Yolk
- White Lotus Double Yolks
- Green Tea White Lotus Single Yolk
- Chocolate Lava Cookies Mooncake

Find them on: www.7-eleven.com.sg/Pre-order/mooncake

Adorable Mochi Mooncakes

8. Adorable Mochi Mooncakes

Who would have thought Mochi has made the cut for mooncakes too? But they did, and we love how creative they got by creating a Mid-Autumn theme this year. If you do not know, their mooncake skin is made with our signature soft & chewy mochi (YUMS!), and they also offer a variety of flavours: red bean, milk tea, matcha milk, hojicha milk, bailey’s chocolate & strawberry milk.

Find them on: @_ohmymochi

9. Galaxy Mooncakes

These galaxy mousse-like mooncakes are great alternatives to your snow skin mooncakes, and they come in five flavours:

- Lotus with Salted Egg
- Honey Purple Sweet Potato Lotus with Taro
- Yuzu Lotus with Lemon Curd

- Black Sesame Lotus with White Sesame Peanut
- Mao Shan Wang Puree

Worth the shot for your gram.
Find them on: www.rachelraxcakes.com

Chocolate Mooncakes by Janice Wong

10. Chocolate Mooncakes
From none other than Janice Wong, Singapore’s very own celebrated pastry chef and two-time winner of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. We have been following her for a while now, and we are in love with all her chocolates. This year they are introducing a new modern take on her Signature Chocolate mooncakes. 

These hand painted mooncakes comes in eight different unique and fun flavours:

- Signature Popcorn Salted Caramel with Chocolate Fondant Cake
- Yuzu
- Caramel Jelly and Cake

- Confetti Rose
- Whisky Praline Crunch with Chocolate Cake

- Banana Palm Sugar with Banana Cake
- Kopi and Tea
- Praline Popping Candy and Baileys Irish Cream Praline with Chocolate Cake

You can already hear how excited we are! 

Find them on: www.janicewong.online

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