10 unique gifts under $20 that’s fun and practical

10 unique gifts under $20 that’s fun and practical

If you are on a budget, shopping for birthday gifts, farewell gifts, or just a random gift for any occasion, you will want to check these out! We put together a list of gifts that are unique, novelty, and will make an impression when you gift it to that friend, colleague, or special someone, all these gifts at UNDER $20.

Mini Mae Classic Retro Game Keychain

1. Mini Mae Classic Retro Game Keychain

Price: $19.90

We don’t know about you, but we love a good tetris game. It’s an old-school game, but it’s extremely fun to play with. What we really love about this is that it’s small, compact, and able to bring it anywhere with you. Perfect to kill some time while waiting for your bus or train to arrive.

As a gift, we are pretty sure your friend will love this.

TSH Fun Colour Blocking Socks

TSH Fun Colour Blocking Socks

Price: $16.90

If your friend is someone who is always on trend when it comes to fashion, this colour-blocking socks will make for a good gift. Comes ready-packed in a really cute packaging, you don’t even have to try to make your gift impressionable, it will do the job. 

PS: Did you know these pairs of colour-blocking socks are designed by Two Sleepy Heads (Yes, that’s us!). For every pair of socks you purchase from us, it will go into the budget for us to produce other lines of designs.

Hatch-Me Tamagotchi (Pastel)

3. Hatch-Me Tamagotchi (Pastel)

Price: $12.90

If you love all things pastel, we are excited to say this Tamagotchi comes in pastel colours too. These childhood virtual pets will make for good companions to have and will definitely put a smile on the face of anyone you are gifting it to.

Drowning Robot Tea Infuser

4. Drowning Robot Tea Infuser

Price: $12.90

Perfect for tea lovers! It doesn’t get any more fun with this Drowning Robot Tea Infuser while brewing the next cup of tea to perfection. Watch it float on the inside when it’s hung onto the cup rim, while waiting for the tea to be ready.

Little Mason Hourglass

5. Little Mason Hourglass

Price: $12.90

Are you shopping for a gift for that friend who is constantly busy and out running? Get this Little Mason Hourglass to remind your friend to take a 3-min break from their hectic lifestyle. Little Mason's bright cheery look will surely put a smile on whoever is receiving this hourglass gift.

Horoscope Clear Keychains

6. Horoscope Clear Keychains

Price: $6.90

This handmade Horoscope keychain will make for a good personal gift. Every order is made upon request, so be sure to place your order in advance if you are looking to get one made.

Vintage Typewriter Cardholder

7. Vintage Typewriter Cardholder

Price: $12.90

Looking for gift ideas for writers? This Vintage Typewriter Cardholder will make for a good classic gift. For a personalised touch, top it up with a written note on a card when you deliver this gift to your friend.

Wonder Pastel Memo Clip

8. Wonder Pastel Memo Clip

Price: $14.90

Looking for a gift for your colleague? Whether you are still working from home or back in the office, this Wonder Pastel Memo Clip will be perfect to be displayed on a work desk.

Moxxi Fruity Lottery Machine

9. Moxxi Fruity Lottery Machine

Price: $15.90

If you are looking for a really random, fun, yet pretty-looking gift, this Moxxi Fruity Lottery Machine will make for a good one. For one, they come in pastel colours.

‘It’s what’s inside that matters’ gift box

10. ‘It’s what’s inside that matters’ gift box

If you love curated gift boxes, keep your eyes peeled to what’s coming in the next few weeks! This little box of fun things and happy gifts will be available at our e-store on 11 November 2020 at ONLY $11.11. 

It’s what’s inside that matters, are you ready for it? Fun gifts only, we promise.

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