10 really cool AirPods cases you will want to buy after seeing

Hooray, you finally got your new pair of AirPods! We know they have been all the rage since they were released in 2016. 

Now, to the best part, how about protecting your AirPods with these fun yet durable cases to inject some creative personality to it? We have curated these 10 really cool cases that we couldn’t resist ourselves, and they will definitely make you want to buy them! If you do not have one, these cases will make you want to own a pair of AirPods after reading! 


1. A banana a day might keep the doctor at bay too

Price: $19.90
Who can resist this mini yellow banana AirPods case? We know the doctors will approve.


2. Don’t forget your erasers for school!

Price: $19.90
THIS, who remembers them? We know the nostalgic feeling just by looking at this. This old-school erasers AirPods case definitely caught our attention.


3. WARNING: Do not trigger these Grenades!

Price: $19.90
Attack each day with a grenade and you do no need to be afraid of it kicking you from behind. How about having a grenade for your AirPods?


4. Oh yeah, motorola phones!

Price: $19.90
Remember how fun-looking the old classic retro mobile phone used to be? You can pretend to be carrying one and trick your friends to this. We gave this motorola AirPods case the thumbs up when we saw it.


5. Who doesn’t love a happy meal?

Price: $19.90
Who doesn't like junk food once in a while? We know it can be our guilty pleasures, but now you can indulge in this without ever feeling guilty about it. This adorable Maccas Happy Meal silicone case will make the cut.

6. Nissin cup noodles are the best!

Price: $19.90

Come on, it’s Nissin cup noodles, who can resist?

7. Lady luck is here with these Mahjong Tiles

Price: $22.90

Bring lady luck with you wherever you go with this Mahjong Tile case, and you might get yourself into some really huat situation.

8. Snack on some koala bites?

Price: $19.90

Extremely yummy for the tummy, and for that late afternoon snack. Oh wait, we got too carried away. Well, we wouldn’t mind keeping this Koala Biscuit AirPods case in our bags either.

9. How about some sashimis after?

Price: $22.90

Careful not to pick the wrong one there. Sashimi AirPods case sure does not belong on your plate, keep it in your bag!

 10. Last but not least, leave an emoji at the end of it

Price: $15

Sometimes all we need is a little perk-me-up to get us through the day. This definitely puts a smile on our faces just by looking at it.

Kthxbye 😊

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