10 gifts for that friend to help them get over a bad breakup

10 gifts for that friend to help them get over a bad breakup

Breakups can be rough and it’s not easy to get over one, but that’s why friends are there for you, to remind that life is still full of happiness after a heartbreak.

When it comes to breakup gifts, we know they can be hard to find, especially when you want it to be just the right thing, something to keep them occupied and let them know everything’s going to be okay eventually. That’s why we rounded up 10 gifts – some silly, some fun – to help your friend take their mind off while healing a broken heart over time. Our breakup gifts will help get their minds off thinking about other things and allows them time to heal emotionally.

1. Hatch-Me Tamagotchi 

Hatch-Me Tamagotchi

Get over a breakup with the Hatch-Me Tamagotchi. This virtual pet is ideal as a companion, and will keep them occupied while they work through the breakup. It will provide them with a purpose in life again and keep them occupied or cheered up when they are feeling down.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/hatch-me-tamagotchi-pastel

2. Retro Pocket Mini Game Console 
Retro Pocket Mini Game Console

With 500 built-in classic games, one can be sure that your mind will be fully occupied. This is more than a console, we've included the most classic games, which can be played on the Retro Pocket Mini. Enjoy hours or minutes of your favorite games to get over a breakup. No need to worry about storage, it's compact enough to carry around with you anywhere, anytime.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/pastel-retro-pocket-mini-game-console

3. Classic Dax Tetris Game Console

Classic Dax Tetris Game Console

When your heart is broken, it sometimes helps just to have fun and get through this difficult time from heartache to recovery. Dax Tetris Game Console is a fun and truly unique gift item that will not only create nostalgia amongst your friends but also encourage them to get over a breakup.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/classic-dax-tetris-game-console


4. Fritzy Catapult

Fritzy Catapult

Fritzy Catapult is a funny, interactive way to release all your negative emotions when relationships end. It helps to provide for an active release for all the bad emotions that linger inside of you from time to time. Some days you just need to let it all out. Put your heartache inside Fritzy and let the catapult launch it away. Fritzy is a fun and unusual gift that helps you say goodbye.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/fritzy-catapult

5. Voozy Stress Reliever Push Pit

Voozy Stress Reliever Push Pit

Voozy is the fun, smiling stress relief friend that can help you relax and relieve your day-to-day stress, especially when you have been let down by a break up. Get rid of all that feelings through emotional stability.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/voozy-stress-reliever-push-pit

6. Dabbing Pug Iron-On Embroidery Patches

Dabbing Pug Iron-On Embroidery Patches

Show your emotions with this funny Dabbing Pug and add a touch of fun to your life after a bad breakup. After all, no one can resist a pug - even if you've broken up.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/oompa-loompa-iron-on-embroidery-patches?variant=39277397508269

7. Rue Maze Toilet Roll

Rue Maze Toilet Roll

We can't get you back together again after a bad heartbreak, but we can make it easier for you to head to the bathroom. We all know what it's like to have a seriously awful ending to a relationship, and bathrooms might be our go-to places. The Rue Maze Toilet Roll will at least keep your mind occupied.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/collections/fun-gifts/products/rue-maze-toilet-roll

8. TSH Fun Colour-Blocking Socks

TSH Fun Colour-Blocking Socks

Happy feet are just a breakup away. These socks won’t help you get over your ex, but at least you’ll look cute on your way out the door. With its cute packaging, it will at least put a smile on any face you are giving this to.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/fun-colour-blocking-socks

9. In the end - Enamel Pin
In the end - Enamel Pin

Time will heal. It's okay to feel sad, it's okay to cry. Everything has its own rhythm and deserves its moment. Let them know that although it sucks right now, life goes on, and in the end, the sun will shine again eventually.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/collections/bite-size-gifts/products/pantone-enamel-pins?variant=28665104138317

10. A Cup Of Life Moments Enamel Pin

A Cup Of Life Moments Enamel Pin

There’s nothing wrong with a good cry, but don’t waste too much time drowning your sorrow. Keep a smile on your face and you’ll see that brighter days are ahead.

Link: https://twosleepyheadsmarket.com/collections/bite-size-gifts/products/a-cup-of-life-moments-enamel-pin

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