10 funny examples of bad designs that will make you laugh so hard

There are numerous examples of bad designs that can be found on Instagram. Whether they were created for fun or were actually meant to be bad, either way, they end up being nothing short of hilarious. Here, we reveal some of the most hilarious online design fails.

1. The furniture is still under construction.



2. Glowing skin is always in style, until they are not.



3. When the day doesn’t go so well, just soak it in and go with the flow.



4. We really need our space here.



5. We wonder where this leads to? 🤔



6. My mom will surely disapprove.



7. The best things come in small packages. Oh wait… maybe not?



8. Who dares to take a deep poop dive?



9. Art comes in all forms, shapes and sizes included. 



10. We found ourselves a smoking corner too.



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