10 coolest iPhone iOS 14 customised home screens

10 coolest iPhone iOS 14 customised home screens

Have you updated your iPhone to the new iOS? With the latest iOS 14 update, iPhone users can now place widgets on their home screens, and also allow them to change up their apps icons. When we got wind of this, we immediately updated ours, and ditch the boring old screen that typically defines how an iPhone looks like in the past. 

While doing our customisations, we have also come across some of the most creative and coolest iPhone screens we have seen, with custom app icons and widgets, from users all over the internet. If you want to customize your icons to keep yourself on the new iOS 14 trend but don’t know where to begin, you should check these out for inspiration. At the end of this, we will also be featuring the 3 design themes we recently launched, a bonus for you that you can download from us to customise your home screens.

1. @howdyitsmegan turning her home screen into a fully functional windows 98’ desktop.

ios 14 windows 98’ desktop home screen

2. But @jotoestupido took it a step further.

ios 14 windows 95 home screen

3. @wholelottajenni made hers look like the PS2 memory card screen.

ios 14 PS2 memory card home screen

4. When @u/Frankiethesavage decided to keep up with the trend with the Among Us theme.

ios 14 Among Us home screen

5. @Olima decided to redraw it using MS paint.

ios 14 MS paint home screen


6. What do you think of @NikkNotFound customised home screen?

ios 14 customised home screen

7. We love this style created by @justplainaimee!.

ios 14 pink aesthetics home screen

8. Harry Potter fans, you will love this home screen created by @jovana_howell.


ios 14 Harry Potter home screen

9. If you are an Anime fan, this home screen by @monokecenter will give you some inspiration too.

ios 14 Anime theme home screen

10. If you are stuck on your ideas, just keep things simple like what @itsmemcvghnn did.

ios 14 minimalist theme home screen


If you are an iPhone user, and recently updated to the latest iOS 14, you will love this! We recently just launched 3 design theme packs at our website that’s available for your download. At only $6.90, you get 30 aesthetics icons for your apps and 2 FREE small widget images to complete the overall look.

ios 14 customised home screen theme packs

Click here for more info bit.ly/ios14themepack

If you would like to request for a customised design for your phone, you can also contact our team at hello@twosleepyheadsmarket.com.

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