10 best unique Christmas gifts under $20

We are already smelling the Christmas season, and when you start hearing the jingles you know it’s time to get your shopping list sorted. Worried about cutting a deep hole in your pocket? Fret not! If you have a budget to keep, we will fulfill that for you. We are not talking about chocolates, scented candles or shower gels as gifts here. 
We have put together a list of pretty good and unique stuff that not only meets your budget, but your friends/colleagues will actually love receiving them.
1. Colour Blocking Socks for that hipster friend of yours

It’s a game changer to everyone’s feet, and seriously, who can resist a gift box that looks like that? We wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up getting a pair for yourself. 

Price: $16.90

2. Nissin Cup Noodle AirPods to get even with the tummies

Wait, you mean they are not cup noodles?

Price: $19.90

3. Replace that ugly name card box with this Vintage Typewriter Cardholder, please

Now, name cards can be displayed in a more aesthetically pleasing way than keeping it inside that ugly white box. Look around your colleagues’ desks and you will know what we are talking about. Why not gift this to a special colleague?
Price: $12.90
4. Say hello to our little friend here

Mornings are the hardest to survive, we know that. Why not let this little Robot Tea Infuser add a little perk-me-up to your friend’s/colleague’s tea?

Price: $9.90

5. While at it, let this pair of gloves steal your tea time

What better way to soak into the Christmas mood than having a hot cuppa tea with this cute pair of Tea Gloves infuser? Santa will approve. 

Price: $10.90

6. Take a break with this Retro Water Console Game

This has made it to our list simply because it’s timeless. You can gift this to anyone of all ages at any time of the year and it will still look like an interesting gift to receive.  

Price: $13.90

7. Tissue box that’s not from Ikea

Everyone needs a box of tissue on their desk, right?

Price: $19.90

8. Oh look, it’s Cactus!

We bet your BFF wouldn’t mind receiving one of these cute little cacti.

Price: $15.90

9. Hang on, it’s not happy hour yet

This hexagonal ice cube case is perfect for that colleague who enjoys a drink or two during happy hour. With this, you might just get happy hour through the day! 

Price: $18.90

10. Last but not least, light up the mood with this Geometric Deer Candle Stand

When Santa is coming down in his sleigh with his reindeers, you want to be sure you are ready to greet him at the door. 

Price: $19.90

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