10 Best Stay-Home Birthday Gift Ideas That Are Unique, Cool And Affordable

10 Best Stay-Home Birthday Gift Ideas That Are Unique, Cool And Affordable

We know major birthdays like the big 21 can be challenging when it comes to buying the best gift for your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend. It is even more challenging with the whole Circuit Breaker, and even with post-Circuit Breaker, celebrating with your bffs, boyfriend, or girlfriend physically is out. As you most probably have already heard, most retail stores and activities will remain closed until phase 2 or 3 of post-Circuit Breaker.

Here is a list of curated gifts that are both unique and cool that you can buy, and we are sure you will be able to put a smile on their faces. Best part is, you can have the gift delivered straight to that special someone. Let us know what personalised message/note you would like to include, and we will get it done for you.

And hey, if it’s not for a 21st birthday, don’t worry you can also consider these gifts for any occasion.

1. Tamagotchi Toy

Tamagotchi Toy

Adopting a real pet might be too much of a commitment, and they might not be ready for such a huge responsibility. Why not adopt a virtual pet as a start? The tamagotchi virtual pet is super fun to have and is very convenient to be brought around. This might be a good test to see if they are ready for a real pet. 
You can also buy the Tamagotchi as a couple gift to have some fun, and challenge to see who is better at keeping the pet alive for the longest time.
Gift budget: $12.90

2. Retro Mini Cassette MP3 Player

Retro Mini Cassette MP3 Player

If this is stopping you from considering as it sounds too technical, you might want to relook into this again. These mini MP3 players in a cassette tape design are extremely cute to give as a gift, and it will take them back to the past, even if they didn’t grow up with cassette tapes and MP3 players. 
Want to make your gift even more memorable and meaningful? Transfer a list of favourite songs or top hits that represent the both of you, and turn it into your personalised mixtape gift that you can’t get from anywhere else. How cool is that?
Gift budget: $19.90

3.  Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser

Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser

Are you looking for a fun gift to buy for tea lovers and drinkers? This Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser will make a legendary gift for tea lovers, adding so much fun to tea brewing than drinking tea made from plain old tea infusers. On the plus side, they will be reminded of you whenever they brew their cup of tea.

Gift budget: $19.90 (comes in a nice gift box too)

4. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

Are you buying a gift for a friend who is always stressed out about life, school or even work? This Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set will make for a good novelty gift, reminding your friend to escape and reboot every once in a while to recharge. 

Gift budget: $29.90

5. Koala Biscuits AirPods Case

Koala Biscuits AirPods Case

If the both of you are always sneaking a snack in during lecture, how about sneaking one of this Koala Biscuit AirPods case as a cute birthday gift? This Koala Biscuit case will help to make their AirPods a lot more interesting and unique to carry around. You will be proud of this gift.

Gift budget: $19.90

6. Horoscope Constellation Necklaces

Horoscope Constellation Necklaces

Are you looking for the best astrology-themed gift for friends who are so into their horoscopes or astrology? Whether they are a gemini sun, scorpio moon, or capricorn rising, you don’t have to look to the stars for a sign of what gift to buy for them cause they will absolutely love this Horoscope Constellation necklace. 

Each horoscope has a little note attached to the necklace that says it all.

Gift budget: $19.90

7. The Literal Gift Of Nothing

The Literal Gift Of Nothing

If you are cracking your head to plan on what birthday gift to get for this friend who has almost everything, then you should buy The Literal Gift Of Nothing. This tongue-in-cheek present will inject so much fun into giving the perfect 21st birthday gift, with a note saying “Congratulations! You have received the gift of nothing. Absolutely nothing”. You will be sure to leave an impression.


But, if you have a bigger birthday surprise planned out, why not top it up with more fun by giving this before the actual surprise. Be sure to Instagram story that priceless expression.

Gift budget: $12.90

 8. Lil Porky LED Night Light

Lil Porky LED Night Light

If it’s cute and fun, it definitely made it to our Best Birthday Gifts list. This little pig is extremely cute to be placed on the table, and the best part is it comes with the LED night light function to keep the room well-lighted. If you are looking for a practical birthday gift, then this will be a good choice.
Gift budget: $29.90

9. Mini Pocket Game Console

Mini Pocket Game Console


Retro games always make for fun gifts, especially for a birthday. This 8-bit pocket game console, like a mini Gameboy, comes with 168 built-in classic games that are so addictive, you can even connect it to the TV output to experience the full game on a big screen. If you are looking for gifts for a guy friend, this will make a good one.
Gift budget: $30.90


10. Ned's Portable Game Machine

Ned's Portable Game Machine

Going head on with the pocket game console, is Ned’s Portable Game Machine. 
Instead of going to the arcade, you can now bring the arcade back home for your birthday party. This mini toy machine comes with 240 8-bit classic retro games, making it the perfect 21st birthday gift to buy for a guy. He will love it!
Gift budget: $49.90

P.S some of the items are purchased from our overseas partners, and there will be a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Do check back with us regarding the stocks before purchasing.


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