10 Best picnic spots in Singapore

Pushing back your travelling plans since 2020? In the face of all this adversity there are different ways of approaching it. It is true that sometimes restrictions can lead to creativity. And more times than not, they can be a source of inspiration to do better. Picnics are the perfect example of the latter! We don’t know about you, but we love all our picnic sessions.

They are an excellent way to spend a sunny day with family and friends. Imagine sitting in a park under the shade of trees with a cool breeze and the grass tickling your feet. You may be sipping on something fruity and refreshing. The birds are chirping and you have the time of your life. Sounds great, doesn't it?

If you are looking round for some of the best picnic spots in Singapore, look no further. Here are the 10 best spots that we picked out!


 1. Gallop Extension @Botanic Gardens

The newly opened Gallop Extension got us pretty excited, we knew we had to try it out. If you are the lazy type to prepare any food, you can head over to Bee’s Knees Petite at Gallop Extension.

Pick their Picnic Box menu, at only $55 for 2 pax, you get a complimentary Picnic Mat which allows you to set it up outside the lawn area and enjoy your picnic box meal.

2. Jurong Lake Gardens

If you are staying in the west or don’t mind travelling a little, this is a spot that will make for a pretty scenic picnic spot especially when the sun starts to set. 

Recommended spot: Eco-pond or Viewing Decks

3. Changi Beach Park

If beaches are what you are after, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

For the parks in the east, we actually prefer Changi Beach Park as it is a lot less crowded as compared to East Coast Park or Pasir Ris Park. Our picnic session accompanied by the sunset was perfect for the gram too!

Tip: Head to a spot closer to the toilets, so it is a lot more convenient for you.

4. Sembawang Park

Situated in the north of Singapore facing the Johor Straits, this end of the park allows you to get away from the crowd. Head in a little deeper and you will find a beach where you can spend a day there over a nice picnic session.

5. Kranji Reservoir Park

If you are the sort who prefers an off-the-beaten picnic experience away from the crowd, Kranji Reservoir Park will provide you with a peaceful getaway. It also provides you with a scenic panoramic view of the Johor Straits. While at it, why not try out fishing to add to the experience?

6. Lazarus Island

Looking for an alternative weekend escape outside of Singapore’s mainland? Lazarus Island, also known as Pulau Sekijang Pelepah is part of Singapore’s cluster of Southern Islands and is connected to St John’s island through a causeway.

Lazarus Island has one of the best beaches in Singapore that will take your breath away with that stretch of perfect pristine beach.

Tip: As you are going to be staying there for a couple of hours, pack a basket full for your picnic as there are no stores on the island at the time of writing.

7. Upper Seletar Reservoir Park

If you haven’t explored the North enough, and would like to get away from the crowd, try Upper Seletar Reservoir Park. But we sure to stay far away from the trees, especially with your picnic food, as there will be occasional monkeys making their rounds. 

8. East Coast Park

One of the more popular spots in Singapore, if you enjoy the sun, the crowd, and sports activities like paddle boarding or cycling in between your picnic session, then East Coast Park will make for a nice weekend choice.  

9. Marina Barrage

Get to the heart of Singapore and enjoy that amazing skyline on the horizon at Marina Barrage. You can even fly your kite in between your picnic.  

10. Fort Canning Park

Apart from attending gigs or music festivals, Fort Canning Park will make a good picnic spot with its very convenient centralised location. If you enjoy the sun and outdoors, head over to Fort Canning Green. But if you prefer to cozy yourself up and sit in the shade, Fort Gate will make for a good spot. 


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